Week 2 – Pre Calculus 11

This week in Pre Calculus 11 we were introduced to the second half of our sequence and series unit. In this week we were taught Geometric Sequences, Infinite and Finite Geometric Sequences and How to use Desmose. Geometric sequences (2+4+8+16+32…) and Arithmetic sequences (2,4,6,8,10…). The biggest concept that was the hardest to grasp for me included solving word problems. Down below you will see an image of the steps I took to complete the following word problem. Another problem that I had was finding a specific term when given 2 non-consecutive terms. I overcame these problems by asking questions and spending more time on this topic at home.

Formulas We Used This Week:

S_n = \frac {a(1-r^n)}{1-r}


t_n = ar^n-1


S_\infty = a/ (1-r)


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