Earthquake Blog Post


This is 921 earthquake in Taiwan. The sport field in a elementary school is uplift. This picture shows that it is secondary wave. The epicenter is 23.85 degrees north latitude and 120.82 degrees east longitude, about 8.0 kilometers in the town of Jincheng County, Nantong County. Taiwan is located at the junction of the Eurasian Continental Plate and the Philippine Sea Plate, part of the Pacific Fire Ring, with frequent earthquakes. The Philippine Sea plate has been moving northwest since the new generation, and Taiwan’s formation are inextricably linked, but the annual 8.2 km moving speed, also in the eastern part of the East Rift Valley, the central mountains, the western foothills and The plains form a series of faults. These faults are highly active and cause many devastating earthquakes in Taiwan’s history.


Sleepless night

Can’t fall asleep drive me crazy

My head is hurt and I hate it

My body is powerless can’t control it

Night is my morning, why? why?

Can’t fall asleep drive me crazy

My eyes are strange I can’t close it

The clock is ticking I can hear it

Night is my morning, why? why?

Can’t fall asleep drive me crazy

The dark make me so scary

I want to sleep so I like it

Know is morning, why? why?

  1. the type of poem you have written and why  Free Verse, because it’s easier to write and this poem isn’t telling a story, it’s just talking about can’t fall asleep
  2. your inspiration/motivation I couldn’t fall asleep night
  3. your theme How bad feeling if someone can’t fall asleep
  4. rhyme scheme (if you used one) it, crazy, scary
  5. why you used rhyme or not I use rhyme because it would be read easily
  6. identify the 3 examples of poetic devices used rhyme, repetition
  7. anything else you believe that’s important to explain N/A

Is Ben Altruistic?

Although Ben gave absolutely everything he could to others, and had some similarities with the giving tree, he was not altruistic. Being altruistic means to give things to people for no reason without asking for anything in return. The giving tree and Ben give all of things that they can give, but Ben helped people because he was feeling guilty and he wanted to make himself feel better. However, what people gave to Ben was that they could let Ben feel better. Ben wanted to atone his mistake through helping people, and these people gave him a chance to do it. At the end of the movie, the people showed their thankful to Ben and it was just what he wanted. The boy in giving tree story didn’t show his thankful to the tree though he felt thankful, but the tree still happy because it thought that it had tried it best. The last but not the least, Ben suicided at the end of the story. This behavior made his friend, brother, and all the people who love him felt sad. The giving tree didn’t kill itself but it still let the boy felt happy and thankful instead of being sad.

My Graduation Plan

  1. Healthy Living
    1. This year, I am running to meet DPA requirements (150 mins/week of moderate to vigorous physical activity).
    2. Next year, I will run to meet DPA requirements.
    3. Other than physical activity, I will also need a concrete plan for eating habit and sleeping habit in order to lead a healthy life after graduation.


  1. Course Credits
    1. I need 80 credits to graduate. A typical course is worth 4 credits.
      1. 48 of them must be from required courses.
      2. 28 of them must be from electives.
  • 16 of them must be from Grade 12 courses.
  1. At the end of this year, I will have 80 credits.


  1. Community Connections
    1. I need 30 hours of work/volunteer experience. To show I completed this, I must show a pay stub or reference letter
    2. I can start accumulating these hours in Grade 10.
    3. My plan to earn work/volunteer hours is through working at T&T Supermarket.
    4. I will also need to complete a reflection that includes type a response, describe what I did, and how I benefited from this experience. It will be 200 words minimum.


  1. Career and Life
    1. In addition to updating my resume, I will also create a Career, Life and Financial Plan template to show that I have a plan in place after graduation.
    2. When I graduate, my current plan is to go to university.
  2. Interview
    1. To prepare for the interview, I can look at the questions ahead of time. They are found on the GT website
    2. My interview will be with a Riverside staff member .
  3. The 3 people at Riverside who are here to help with this process are:

a. Counselor (Mr. Ahmelich)

b. GT teacher (Mr. Thomson)

c. Mrs. David

In Grade 12, I will find all the necessary documents AND submit them on the GT website.

I will complete Grad Transitions 12 whenever I have English 12 class. If I have it in 1st semester, I must complete everything except the interview before Winter Ball. In 2nd semester, everything except the interview must be completed before Dinner/Dance table.

Balled Poem

Ballad of the Black Slave-Michael Issac palmer

This is the ballad of the black slave,

Who has been beaten and disgraced,

Who has been called the n-word and negro,

Who has received no pay.

This is the ballad of the black slave,

Who prays for freedom every night,

Who is going to rebel,

For what he thinks is right.

Now this is the ballad of the freed slave,

Who has seen much blood shed,

Who has fought for equal rights,

And who has won his freedom.

The Lady or the Tiger

The Lady or the Tiger

Explain whether the tiger came out of the door or the lady

A tiger came out and teared the young man into pieces, the princess was crying quietly. She thought that the young man would rather die for the her but didn’t want to with another girl, so she thought he would opened the door which was come out with tiger. The princess told him the wrong answer because she wanted the young man to be alive although she couldn’t with him anymore. But the truth is the young man didn’t love the princess that much, he loved another girl more than he love the princess. He was afraid that if he broke up with the princess then the princess would kill him, now it was a chance to get away from the princess. The king knew the young man love another more than his daughter so he wanted to protect his daughter, he didn’t want his daughter with someone who lied to her. No one was the victim or the perpetrator in this event, the young man wanted to survive and with someone he loved, the princess wanted to save someone who “loved” her, and the king just wanted to protect his daughter. The king was the most winner, he protected his daughter successfully though the princess would might be angry and upset to the king.

Keesh’s Character Paragraph

Describe Keesh’s Character

Keesh was a confident, clever, and brave boy. Firstly, he showed his brave character at the beginning of the story when he says, “It is true that my mother and I are given meat to eat. But the meat is always old and tough, filled with bones, and difficult to eat.” This shows that he was very brave because he had courage to speak out. He wasn’t afraid of standing up to and speaking to the hunters who were older than him. Secondly he said, “I shall never speak in this council again-not until you come to me and say ‘Keesh, we want you to speak.’” Although it is very rude when a child talks like that to an adult, it also shows that how confident Keesh was. He had the confidence to go hunting by himself with nobody and bring some meat back to share with everyone. He also wanted to prove himself that he was not just a kid because he was the son of Bok; the best hunter in the village. Lastly, Keesh was also very clever. At the end of the story, he explained why he could kill a big bear, even a bear with cubs. Everyone was surprised and realized that the way to hunt bears was using the brain. This shows that Keesh was very clever because no one thought of it. The hunters only knew how to fight a bear but didn’t know how to hunt a bear. All in all, Keesh was a confident, brave and clever boy.