Plot Point Photo Compilation

The story “Father and Son” is talking about a son and a father who cannot understand each other and lead to a bad ending. Though they express their feeling to the reader through the story, they still can’t communicate with each other until the son was killed by a gun. This blog post shows the photos that describe this story and the plot of this story.

1) Exposition
Quote: “I know that in a few minutes he will come in to look at me sleeping” (McLaverty 165).
Explanation: In this paragraph the story tells about the relationship between the father and son, the father cares about him while the son knows.

2) Rising Action
Quote: “I must spoke to him. Tonight at tea. If he is in” (McLaverty 166).
Explanation: The father wants to talk to the son, but the son is not willing to which enhances the conflict between them.

3) Rising Action
Quote: “You hand shook when you got home” (McLaverty 167).

Explanation: The father cares about him, but his son thinks that he is a coward which increase the misunderstanding between them.

4) Rising Action
Quote: “Today I thought you were dead” ((McLaverty 168).

Explanation: It is foreshadowing that his son is going to die.

5) Rising Action
Quote: “What’s that? Under your pillow” (MacLaverty 169).

Explanation: It is foreshadowing because the son secret has been discovered by the father which lead to the climax.

6) Climax
Quote: “There is a bang.” (MacLaverty 169)

Explanation: This is where the conflict is solved because the son was killed.

7) Falling Action
Quote: “A dish-cloth drops from my hand and I run to the kitchen door” (MacLaverty 169)

Explanation: The reaction of his father after the climax, which makes him regret and lead to the denouement.

8) Denouement
Quote: “My son, let me put my arms around you.” (MacLaverty 169)

Explanation: This is a way that they solved the conflict between them.

Character Sketch

Michael Foster from the short story the “Two Fishermen” is a young man with a tall long leg who live in a small town. He wants to become a more well-known and respected newspaper reporter.  Michael Foster is a well-educated middle class citizen. He is a single man; however, he has many relationships with many people such as the people in the office, the newspaper worker, and the people in town. Foster fears the judgment of the people and doesn’t want people to look at him differently. Michael Foster is afraid that the people will see him less respectable if they saw Michael and Smitty were together, “Farther and farther Michael backed into the crowd and all the time he felt dreadfully ashamed as though he were betraying Smitty, who last night had had such a good neighborly time with him” (Bradbury 4). Smitty has been heard as a bad guy because he was the hangman and Michael didn’t want to be a group with Smitty. After Smitty hung Thomas Delaney, Michael saw that Smitty was treated unfairly but he didn’t stand up for him because he was worried about that people won’t like him and he won’t be a famous reporter. Foster has a good communication skills, so that he can get information from the people easily. Foster brought Smitty on to a boat and went far away from the town to make Smitty felt comfortable to have an honest conversation to Foster, “They were a bit afraid of each other. By this time they were far out on the water which had a millpond” (Bradbury 2). Foster also needs to be friendly so he can get information from his relationship. All in all, Michael Foster is a motivated, cautious, sociable, resourceful, friendly, and eager man which is why he is accepted in the community.

Capital Punishment in “Two Fisherman”

There is capital punishment in the history of Canada until Canadians wanted to change. Capital punishment is a punishment which can legally kill people. The things that used for killing can include hanging, being shot, poisonous gas. Capital punishment was used in Canada until 1976 for the public and was abolished in 1998.Canada was now totally free from the death penalty because it was voted by people. Capital punishment was replaced with life in prison with no opportunity for parole. If the story “Two Fisherman” had taken place in Canada, then Thomas would been killed before 1976 because that’s capital punishment became illegal. Most likely, it happened around the 1962 because that’s when the last execution happened in Canada.

I do not believe Thomas Delaney should been hung although he committed a murder. He was just justifying another crime. The man he killed is a criminal. Thomas should let the police deal with that person and his punishment but he was just trying to stop a criminal, he killed that person when he saw him do the crime. It wasn’t a planned murder, Thomas did not deserve to die. It would been appropriate for Thomas to serve a couple years in jail but not to end his life. Thomas was protecting the people from a criminal though it isn’t the best decision.