Keesh’s Character Paragraph

Describe Keesh’s Character

Keesh was a confident, clever, and brave boy. Firstly, he showed his brave character at the beginning of the story when he says, “It is true that my mother and I are given meat to eat. But the meat is always old and tough, filled with bones, and difficult to eat.” This shows that he was very brave because he had courage to speak out. He wasn’t afraid of standing up to and speaking to the hunters who were older than him. Secondly he said, “I shall never speak in this council again-not until you come to me and say ‘Keesh, we want you to speak.’” Although it is very rude when a child talks like that to an adult, it also shows that how confident Keesh was. He had the confidence to go hunting by himself with nobody and bring some meat back to share with everyone. He also wanted to prove himself that he was not just a kid because he was the son of Bok; the best hunter in the village. Lastly, Keesh was also very clever. At the end of the story, he explained why he could kill a big bear, even a bear with cubs. Everyone was surprised and realized that the way to hunt bears was using the brain. This shows that Keesh was very clever because no one thought of it. The hunters only knew how to fight a bear but didn’t know how to hunt a bear. All in all, Keesh was a confident, brave and clever boy.

Composition Descriptive Writing

The little pink ridding hood

Once upon a time, there was a little girl. She always wears a pink hood so everyone calls her little red ridding hood. One day her mom told her to visit her grandma. The little pink ridding hood promised her mom quickly and told her mom that she won’t talk to the stranger in the forest.

The little pink ridding hood went through the forest and told to herself that she couldn’t talk to any stranger. Suddenly, a bear came to her and said “Hey, are you alone?” The little pink ridding hood nodded her head but didn’t say anything. The bear kept talking to her “I am alone, too. Can you play with me? I am not a bad guy such as the wolf, we can be friend.” The little pink ridding hood looked at the bear and she started to think that the bear was not the bad guy. She smiled at the bear and started to play with the bear. “I want to eat this stupid girl when she doesn’t notice!” the bear smiled at the little pink ridding hood at played with her happily. Unfortunately, a wolf went by and saw a little girl was playing with a bear. “Is it the little girl that wore a red hood and killed my brother before?” the wolf thought angrily “I am going to eat you!”. The wolf quickly ran to the little red ridding hood and wanted to eat her. The little started to screaming and the bear growled angrily and started to fight with the wolf; however, the bear didn’t want to share it dinner with a wolf.

A hunter who was in the grandma’s house of the little red ridding hood heard a girl screaming. He ran out and wanted to find where was the screaming came from. He quickly found a bear was fighting with a wolf and there was a little girl screaming over there. He jumped out wanted to kill both of the bear and the wolf, but he quickly noticed that he forgot to bring his gun. The hunter died in a few seconds. However, the wolf and the bear both died in this unworthy fight. “You were such a good guy, my dear friend.” The little pink ridding cried loudly to the bear “At least you killed the wolf, not just like a weak hunter.”

Staying safe at work

  1. 3 things I will do to keep myself safe at work are: don’t go to the place that has a sign of warnning people, always listen to someone who tell you that it is dangerous, always be alert though I am just walking on the street.
  2. 1 thing I will do to keep others safe at work is: always keep one eyes on my co-workers