short story

It was a snowy day yesterday; the street was covered by snow, but it still had school yesterday. Tom was very nervous, because his teacher told him and his classmates to prepare a little show for the class, but he didn’t prepare anything. During the class, the teacher started to call the name and asked them to show what they prepared. Everyone prepare the show, except Tom. Some of them prepared a magic show; they changed a rabbit into a dove. It was so good that Tom forgot to be nervous. Then, the teacher called Tom to come to the front. Tom felt ashamed because he didn’t prepare anything. After the show, the teacher gave everyone a candy as a gift but didn’t give one to Tom. Tom’s best friend, John, had a compassion on Tom; so he shared his candy to Tom and also gave Tom a big hug. Tom felt gratitude and said thank you to his generous friend many times.

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