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mardi le 16 octobre

je pense que les cartes memoires aide moi beaucoup. Je pense que le travaille que j’ai fais etait bon pour moi et ca a m’aider tellement. Le prochain fois je pense que je peux faire plus et travailler un peux plus fort. Aujourd’hui jetait tres determine pour finir 3 cartes au minimum et j’ai finis 4 cartes et un autres tableau.



noble – wow j’adore l’idee du Chateau de Verseille!! #wow #magnifique

louis XVI

bourgeois – au moins vous avez essaye #ok #bon #assezdecent


france – vous n’etes pas meme d’ici, partez je n’aime pas toi de tout #partir #bleh # jet’aimepas

digital footprint

How can your digital footprint effect your future opportunities?

There are several ways that your digital footprint can effect your future opportunities, whether that in a good way or a bad way. It can effect your opportunities in a good way for example, say you go for a job interview and your future employer looks you up and sees you have a good digital footprint, they would most likely hire you. YAY!


However, if you have a bad digital footprint you have fewer chances for future jobs, since you maybe had put racist and or inappropriate comments on the internat. You could have also gone to a party or hung out with friends and took some illegal substances or drank alcohol while still being under age, but say you never take pictures, your friends probably did, and guess what… that also comes up even if you didn’t post it.

Some things that you can do to make sure your digital footprint is good is by following the old but simple phrase ‘think before you post” that will help you so much. Just take a moment and think about how this is going to effect you in the future, even if you delete it its never really deleted so you need to be extremely carful.

Wonder Project

wonder project: why does depression disorder effect people?
No one knows much about major depression, for both physical and emotional factors. However, we do know some possible causes for major depression. Some causes include stress full events, biological changes and childhood trauma. Depression can also be a hereditary disorder. Up to 25% of people that have depression also have a relative with a mood disorder. Some other causes of depression are hormonal changes, your neurotransmitters can change, also the chemicals that send information from one cell through the nervous system to another cell, might be a cause of depression. A serious illness can be a cause of depression. Very common depression is after child birth which is also known as postpartum depression. People with other psychiatric disorders such as borderline personality disorder, post-traumatic stress disorders and anxiety disorder also experience depression.

Postpartum depression is very intense and not many people know what to do. There is an extensive amount of research about postpartum depression. Postpartum depressions biggest cause is the sudden hormonal changes after giving birth. The female hormonal levels are crazy after giving birth. Hormone levels differ from female to female after giving birth. Studies show that the hormone levels of progesterone, estrogen, cortisol and prolactin are not much different when it comes to females that suffer from postpartum and females that don’t. Scientists say that some research shows that the hormonal difference between females with postpartum and females without is the fact that females with postpartum have a change in a brain chemical that controls the release of cortisol.
Patients with bipolar disorder alternate depression with extremely high energetic moods. Bipolar disorder is brain disorder causing unusual mood change and changes in energy and level of activity. These mood changes are also known as manic, hypomanic and depressive episodes. However, there is not just one type of bipolar disorder, much like other mental illnesses for example anxiety disorder. Social anxiety generalized anxiety and panic disorder all play a part in and are all classifications of bipolar disorder.

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Information Fluency reflection:

  1. I had to reword my questions a lot more than I expected. I asked what are the causes of postpartum depression. I had to ask what the different causes are for different types of depression.
  2. I used the search engin that they told us to use from the school library which was a pain at first but I am more use to it now and I actually like it more now that I have used it a bit.
  3. I had to change my wording to get the write details for the database then I had to get all my sources for all my information make sure that they are the right sources. After that I put all the information into my words and put the sources at the bottom to show where I got my information from. Then at the end I posted it once again making sure all the information was correct all my sources were correctly put in and made sure that the information was actually real information.
  4. I searched for more information on different sites and I checked their sources if they had any.
  5. I did good there where some challenges but overall I believe that what I did displays how much effort I put into it and I think that this was my best work.



  1. Qui a du pouvoir? Je pense que toutes les personnes ont du pouvoir mais il y a des differentes niveaux. par example ma mere a plus du pouvoir que mon amie.( dans mon perspectif) je pense que ca depend de combien person save toi ou de toi et combien de respet ils ont pour toi.
  2. comme j’ai dis je pense que tout le mode a du pouvoir mais il y a des differentes niveaux.
  3. je pense que c’est a propos de combien des personnes tu save et save a propos de toi et la respect est aussi un grande partie de pouvoir.