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Solar Oven Project

Astronomy Wonder Project

Main Question: If scientists are able to determine the life cycle of a star, then how are they able to figure that out?   What is a star: A star is a huge body of very hot, glowing gas. Stars… Continue Reading →

Prejudice and Discrimination in Canada During the 20th Century

Government Responsibility

The government today should be held responsible for decision and actions taken by previous governments because, it may not have been there decision to make these acts that happened a long time ago, but it is still there responsibility to… Continue Reading →

Relection and Lab Analysis

  A. Sodium bicarbonate + Acetic acid —-> Carbon dioxide + sodium acetate + water NaHCo3 + CH3OOH —–> Co2 + NaCH3OO + H2O  (already balanced) 2. Calcium + water —-> Calcium hydroxide + hydrogen gas Ca + 2H2O —–>… Continue Reading →

Rwandan Genocide

For this project we had to pick an example of Genocide. I chose to do it on the Rwandan Genocide. This PowerPoint talks about what happened, why it happened, and the worlds response to it.  

My Dream Life

This is my dream life collage and what all of it would cost.

Supernatural Riverside

WW2: Battle of Britain Infographic  

Podcast(Social Studies10) – Core Competencies

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