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Multiculturalism assignment

The photo on the right shows that there are many ways that people celebrate their culture. On of the ways that people maintain and celebrate their culture is Canadian Multicultural Day. it is on June 27, and it is a… Continue Reading →

Théa’s Digital Autobiography

This is my digital autobiography, showing the important events and people in my life.

Workplace Safety

3 things I will do to stay safe at work: I will ask my employer to tell me if there are any hazards that I need to know for the job I will ask someone to help me if I… Continue Reading →

Perspectives of Canada I chose this resource because I think this article points out that we are a very diverse country with many different kinds of people weather they were born in Canada or immigrated here. This helped me reflect on my… Continue Reading →

Self – Assessment: French Project

First AID Reflection

First Aid

Self Assessment – Mandela Group Project

Racism Then vs. Now

Racism has defiantly improved over all this time, but it is not even close to being gone.  Although slavery in the United States ended in the 19th, black people had very limited to no rights and were treated with no… Continue Reading →

Character Sketch for Sam The Athlete

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