3 things I will do to stay safe at work:

  • I will ask my employer to tell me if there are any hazards that I need to know for the job
  • I will ask someone to help me if I am unsure of what to do
  • I will refuse to do something if I feel that it is not safe

2 things I will do to keep others safe at work

  • I will clean up my messes and make sure there are no hazards
  • I will report if there is unsafe equipment

The story that resonates with me the most was Mathew’s story when he got burned by the oil because when I get my first job, it will most likely be at some kind of fast food place where I may be expected to do something in my life. I learned from his accident because I will know that if I am expected to do something like he did that I can refuse to do it if I feel it is unsafe. But I also relate to Murray’s story with the asbestos because my father works in a place with older buildings and some of them are condemned because the asbestos is too dangerous.