Plot Point Photo Compilation

The plot point photo project is based on the short story, “Father and Son” written by Bernard MacLaverty. In this project the reader will notice that the pictures are based on plot points from the story such as: exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, denouement. In the story, “Father and Son,” the father is a coward that is afraid that, “the world is waiting round the corner to blow your head off” (MacLaverty 167). The son is a previous drug user that the dad, “had to go and collect … Like a dog” (MacLaverty 168). The son also goes out late with friends that the dad hasn’t ever seen before. Their relationship has a lot of miscommunication, tension and anger. The father cannot properly express his feelings towards his son. The son cannot properly share important details in his life with his father. As result of their miscommunication, they tend to get tense and explode in anger towards, other saying things they usually wouldn’t say.

The exposition starts with the father looking at the son, “this is my son who will let me down” (MacLaverty 165). As one can see his son does not like his father and the father knows that his son is not to fond of him. This shows that.  Their relationship is not positive and is a negative thing for the two of them. This is a possible exposition to the story cause it introduces the father and the son and, their unhealthy relationship

Rising Action starts when the father is talking about his dead wife, “my son is braking my heart. It’s already it my fault there is no women i th house? Is it my fault  good women should die?” (MacLaverty). One could think that because of this event both of them dealt with it in different ways and that it is one of the factors of their poor miscommunication. It could have separated them into to different paths.

The second part of the rising action is seeing that the son thinks his dad is a coward, “you’re a coward. You think the world is waiting around the corner to blow your head off” (MacLaverty 167). The father thinks that the son is only alive now because of him, “you are living on borrowed time. Your hand shook when you got home. I have given you the life you now have” (MacLaverty 167). This is a key part in the story cause it shows that they don’t really have it ll together. Their is possibly more hate then love in their relationship.

Father and son shouting

In the climax the dad says “i had to go collect you like a dog” (MacLaverty 168) because the son has done some bad stuff in the past; the father is worried that he will do it again. He also thought he was dead so, the son proceeds to say ” well im not dead.” (MacLaverty 168) then says “I have not touched the stuff since i came back” (MacLaverty 168). This shows that the son has struggled with dugs and has bigger problems then the reader thought he had . The dad is worried that it’s happening all over again.

In the falling action  the father goes to apologize and opens the door to find “the door swings open and he pushes a hand-gun beneath his pillow” (MacLaverty 169) the Dad is shocked and the son pushes the door shut. He goes on his knees and starts to pray.

in conclusion the son gets shot by someone he was talking to at the door, “there is a bang… my son is lying on the floor… blood is spilling from his nose” (MacLaverty 169) one may think this is the conclusion because the son has died so its sad but technically they would not be able to fight or talk to each other ever again.


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