Star Party

Lunar Eclipse from start to finish, Sept. 27, 2015

Astronomy Anyone?
If you are interested in discussing and learning more about our fascinating universe, then Star Parties are the place for you! Everyone is welcome, whether you are an expert or astronomy is a new interest. Feel free to come out to some or all of the Star Parties; bring friends and family too!

See pictures below…

STAR PARTY …. Time TBA, usually at Central Park
Star Chart:

What we do:

  • Once in a while I will try to host Star Parties where I’ll invite Riverside students, parents and the local community to share a fascinating hobby. Sometimes there might even be hot chocolate and cookies while everyone views planets, galaxies, nebula and, best of all, the Moon, through a telescope! Attendees also get a tour of the night sky with a green laser pointer!

A few great websites to check out: