Math 9A online for now

We will meet on Teams at 9:30 on Day 1. Tutorials can be scheduled for any time by emailing me.

Date Topic Links/Assignments
T Apr 7 Intro to Teams
  • Ms. Della posted a short assignment in the General Posts page
Th Apr 9 Hand in Welcome Back Review
  • Use the form link given in the assignment post
Easter Long Weekend
T Apr 14 Fractions Review
Th Apr 16 Exponents Review
F Apr 17 Pro-D
T Apr 21 Review of Fractions and Exponents
  • IXL assignment
Th Apr 23 Review of Fractions and Exponents
  • Continue on IXL
F Apr 24 Tutorial
T Apr 28 Review of Polynomials
Th Apr 30 Review of Polynomials
F May 1 Tutorial
T May 5 Review of Polynomials
Th May 7 Word Problems with Money
F 8 Pro-D
T May 12 Solving One-Step Equations
Th May 14 Solving Two-Step Equations
Email me for a tutorial at any time.
T May 19
  • All 3 students absent 🙁
Th May 21 Solving Multi-Step Equations
  • Notes: Solving Multi-Step Equations
  • Practice: do IXL skills (in 51 skills recommended by your teacher):
    • Solve Equations Involving Like Terms (BFSD)
    • Solve Equations: Complete the Solution
    • Solve Equations Using Order of Operations (BFSD)
Email me for a tutorial at any time
T May 26 How are you doing with Solving Equations?
  • Quizizz of Solving Equations
Th May 28 Graphing with a table of values
Email me for a tutorial at any time
T Jun 2 Fractions
F Jun 5 Exponents
Email me for a tutorial at any time
M Jun 8 Join the Math 9 class at 9am instead, for the rest of the semester.
Have a great summer!!