Flying Club

Mrs. Della began the “Flying Club” in September of 2013. We meet Fridays at lunch and other times for specific activities. Feel free to join us if you have an interest in aviation in any way, shape or form! Scheduled activities are bolded below.  See pictures of our adventures below that …

There are many aviation scholarships available…   See:

Activity Ideas:

  • build a Magnus Effect plane (google)
  • fly drones in classroom and with Mr. Chee
  • flights in Mrs. Della’s Piper Comanche
  • Radio License Course (Sat, Sept 29, 2018) and ground school lessons (date TBA):
  • watch movies – Top Gun, Always, October Sky… others
  • field trips to aviation type locations (Pitt Meadows tower, YVR, …?)
  • simulator time (donated by flight school?)
  • fly kites; build model rockets and airplanes to fly
  • guest speakers (CASARA, Mission Aviation Fellowship (Fri Nov 23, 2018, lunch provided room 215), local RC club, ATC…)
  • YVR to watch take-offs and landings at Flight Path Park (end of 26L)
  • Grouse Mountain: flights, airbus
  • Check out the cockpit of an airliner jet
  • Pitt Meadows pilot and youtuber:
  • etc…
  • If you have any suggestions, feel free to email