Earth Science 11 online for now

Normally we will be meeting Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays on Teams. This will be the case until we are allowed back to school for in classroom classes again.

Date Topic Links/Assignments
T Apr 7 Intro to Teams
  • Ms. Della posted on Teams a minerals word search for you to do
R Apr 9
  • Word search to be handed in on Teams
Easter Long weekend
W Apr 15 Minerals
Th Apr 16  Minerals continued
  • questions on lab?
  • Mineral review activity/questions…
  • Lab due Sunday at 11:59 pm
F 17 Pro-D
M Apr 20 Minerals and Rocks

See Teams “Assignments” for the following:

  • Mineral crossword using a mineral data sheet
  • Rock Identification Activity using a Gizmo to fill in an activity sheet
W Apr 22 Igneous Rocks
F Apr 24 Igneous Rocks
  • Igneous Rocks Quizizz Game (see Teams for instructions)
M Apr 27 Sedimentary Rocks
W Apr 29 Metamorphic Rocks
F May 1 Rock Cycle
M May 4 Mining: Useful
W May 6 Mining: Environment
F 8 Pro-D
M May 11 Mining: Careers
  • Activity (see Teams Assignments for instructions)
W May 13

New Unit:

Earth’s Layers, Pangea

F May 15 Plate Tectonics
W May 20 Magnetism, Seafloor Spreading
F May 22 Volcanoes, geysers, Dante’s Peak
M May 25 Discuss Dante’s Peak and other volcanoes around the world
W May 27 Earthquakes – why, where, depths, mag vs int
F May 29 Earthquakes – seismograph, PSL,  epicentre vs focus, locating epicentre
M Jun 1 Earthquakes – indigenous stories, other effects, preparedness, etc
W Jun 3 Mt Ranges, Faults and Folds
F Jun 5 Concluding activity
  • Quizizz on this unit      /40
M Jun 8

New Unit: Geologic Time…

Which way is up? Where do sediments come from?

W Jun 10 What is relative dating?
F Jun 12 What is radiometric dating?
M Jun 15 Fossils
W Jun 17 Putting it all in order with the Geologic Timescale

F Jun 19 Concluding activity
  • Geologic Time Escape Room!