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Workplace Safety

To keep myself safe in a work environment I will make sure to wear all safety material as suggested, Be very careful of tasks and ask questions if curious on how to do something and I will focus more on when being trained or told how to keep myself safe.

Two things that I will do to keep others safe at work is to remind the employer when seen confused or unsure on how to do something and to make sure to give the right answers if asked by a less experienced employer, and If I am unsure then I would also get the correct information to make sure I am not putting anyone else n danger.


The story of the 19 year old, Matthew¬† with the hot grease was the story that got to me because I sort of experience something like that at my last job by burning myself but definitely not as bad. From this workplace accident I have learned to always think twice even when in a rush and to trust your gut feeling. I never want to rush my mind especially at a restaurant where there are many dangerous things that could occur. I have also learned how to say no to unsafe work also because I have my rights as a worker and its good to know that I always do have a choice if I feel unsafe at somewhere that i’m working.

Canadian Identity



1- Both are food related. I picked both of these because I think Canada should get some credit for things that we Canadians have created and are well known around the world because some people don’t care and some people try fraud. We need to be proud that we have created some amazing chocolate bars and appreciate what our elders did for us

2- This reflects my perspective on Canadians because we have great mind and really have shown creativity through out they’re inventions. These two resources give us credit that we should be getting for these products and really shows that Canadians are really all about they’re chocolate.

3- I chose to pick Ireland as my other culture. I think if a couple Irish people looked at my post they probably would understand the chocolate but not that Canada is the founded place where these were first produced from.  They would probably be very confused on why I have chocolate bars and a brand of cookies as my two Canadian recourses but honestly, some Canadians may not know this fact and may be very surprised to hear about the fun fact.

Community Connection

The objective of this assignment was to interview someone who is involved in somethings your passionate about and ask them a series of questions relating to they’re experience in they’re career. I chose my mother to interview because I feel like she has always worked very hard to support me and my younger sister. being a singe mom is not easy as I imagine, but my mom always puts a smile on her face and her job life really does interest me because it is such a social job and I really think her job takes a lot of social effort and it really did make me curious. Here are the questions I have asked her and her responses.

My mother job is that she is the Retirement Counselor (Sales & marketing in Astoria Retirement Community)

Questions and Answers

1-Why are you passionate about your job?

I am passionate about people and building relationships and that is exactly what I get to do in my job. Plus I love seniors and helping them enrich their lives. Helping others is my passion.

2-What obstacles have you faced to get where you are today?

The job I’m doing today is not something I thought I would be doing. I had no experience for my position other than customer service so of course I felt very intimidated and under qualified. I went for it despite my fear of failure. I had to really learn everything on my own as I went for along which was difficult and overwhelming at times. And I really had to prove myself deserving of the important position and turns out I’m really good at it!.

3-What advice would you pass on to someone interested in what your doing?

Always go for it even if its scary or intimidating. In my position you really have to care about people and genuinely want to get to know them. You have to be able to earn trust. Patience is required and the ability to have uncomfortable conversations. It’s all about how you make people feel. They may not remember what you said to them but they remember how you made them feel.

4-Would you be open to further contact from RSS students and if so, How can someone contact you?

Yes absolutely! My work email is (terrie.orthner@siennaliving.ca)

5-How do you get over the stressful times in your job?

Don’t take anything personally. Really understand that anything good or bad will pass so even if something is difficult or stressful in the moment, I know that it will pass. I also pray and meditate daily. Also do one thing or one task at a time.

6-Is there anything you wish to change about your employment?

I would certainly love to make more money, I know that will eventually come to me. I wouldn’t change anything, I love my job and I only want to see it get better.


I have learned from interviewing my mother that no matter how crazy tings may get there is always a bright side and that things won’t always be stressful. I have learned that determination and motivation is key to success. I look up to my mom and am so amazingly proud of how far she has come. This influences me positively because eventually I want a job where I can connect and create relationships with people.




Eveything I know about Electricity


Voltage or Potential Energy?

The standard unit for voltage is a volt. Voltage can be measured by a voltmeter. Voltage is what makes the electrons move. The voltage between two points is equal to the work done per unit of charge.


In a conductor electric current can flow freely. Metals such as copper typify conductors. Most metals are good electric conductors, most non-metals are not. Metals are classified as conductors because their outer electrons aren’t tightly bound.


Most non-metals aren’t good insulators. Most solid materials are classified as insulators because they offer a very large resistance to the electric current.

What is a battery?

A battery is a source of potential  energy. A battery is a device that stores the energy in electric charges in opposite ends of the terminal. A battery has three parts, an anode witch holds the negative charges, A cathode witch holds the positive charges and the electrolyte. The chemical reactions in the battery cause a build up of electrons at the anode. The electrochemical cells convert chemical energy into electric energy. Connecting electrochemical cells together creates a battery. The battery provides energy by pushing negative charges through the conductor.

What is Resistance?

Electrical resistance is the property of a substance that slows down the movement of electrons and converts chemical energy into other forms of energy.

What is a Resistor?

A resistor is a competent in a circuit that has a specific resistance. These are used to control current or voltage to suit the needs of other electric devices In the circuit.

Ohm’s Law

Ohm’s law is a mathematical equation that shows how voltage, current and resistance are related.

Current- The movement of the electrons through the conductor.

Voltage- Is what makes the electrons move.

Resistance- Works against and attempts to slow down the movement

Good Conductors have low resistance which means that electrons flow threw them easily.

Poor Conductors have high resistance which means electrons are slowed down.

Voltage=current x resistance

Resistance=voltage / current

Current=voltage / resistance

Volts (V), Amps (I), Ohms (R)

What you need for charges to move through a circuit.

1-There must be a capable source of energy.

2-There must be a conductor so charges have the ability to move.

3-You must have a reliable device (load) ex, speaker ,heater, motor.

4-Lastly a switch, something that can control the movement of the charges.

An electric current circuit can be measured in units called amperes (A)

These currents are produced when coulombs of charged particles move past a certain point.

Electric current can be measured with a ammeter


Poetry Analysis Infographic


Science App Review

This project’s purpose was to find helpful, useful apps on the app store. With millions of games and tools which one’s could actually help you learn something? Well were going to find out.

App name: Little Alchemy

Purpose: To let students to experience and learn about element combining.

Use: To use this app, you open it and a menu of simple elements such as water, air, fire etc shows up on the left side. You drag element mixtures onto the grid to see if they react or turn into something.


  1. How does this app help users build skills or learn content?

This app allows you to visually see elements and the other options. This app could help me study my elements and mixtures and also refresh my brain on what elements react well together and which ones don’t react at all. This app would help you build up your memory on elements and they’re mixtures.

2. How intuitive is this app? Is it self explanatory or does it require much thought.

This app is very self explanatory. It may take a couple minutes to find the right chemical mixtures and all but this app is very straight forward to learn and is easy to get used too. A 5 year old could probably figure it out.

3. What innovative elements does this app use?

Periotic table, Chemical elements, Earth elements, Gas elements and the power to fuse and create ne substances. Easy to read numbers and letters and it’s not easy o get thrown off the train off this app.

Overall I think this app is a very helpful asset to review basics for science. I can see it being a really big help to people.



The Sea Devil Questions


The Sea Devil


1- The man prefers to fish at night. He likes to be alone with the smell of the saltyness and the sound of the water. What is significant is that the man doesn’t fish often, he seems to have not a lot of experience at all. Especially fishing at night, alone, in the pitch dark with only your ears and a small flash light can be guiding. So many things could go completely wrong in his situation.

2-When the man saw the school of sardines swim under his boat. When he notices he catches a sting ray and not a mullet. When he kept his eye out for the oily swirls.

3- The complicating incident was when the man decided he wouldn’t cast his net until he sees two swirls. This choice affects him in the future. A crises that happened was when the man was holding onto his rope to hard and got yanked into the water by the sea devil. The climax was when the mans rope tat was tangling him underwater finally broke because some barnacles were sawing the rope. He got free and out of the water away from the sea devil safe and sound.

5-The man releases the mullet he previously caught because he knows how it feels to be hateopeless. He doesn’t want a creature in his position.

6- “the night was breathless” A metaphor and personification

“Looking into the blank eyes of death” Personifacation

“He felt the razor sharp barnacles bite into his hand” Simile

A Mountain Journey Quotes

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