To keep myself safe in a work environment I will make sure to wear all safety material as suggested, Be very careful of tasks and ask questions if curious on how to do something and I will focus more on when being trained or told how to keep myself safe.

Two things that I will do to keep others safe at work is to remind the employer when seen confused or unsure on how to do something and to make sure to give the right answers if asked by a less experienced employer, and If I am unsure then I would also get the correct information to make sure I am not putting anyone else n danger.


The story of the 19 year old, Matthew¬† with the hot grease was the story that got to me because I sort of experience something like that at my last job by burning myself but definitely not as bad. From this workplace accident I have learned to always think twice even when in a rush and to trust your gut feeling. I never want to rush my mind especially at a restaurant where there are many dangerous things that could occur. I have also learned how to say no to unsafe work also because I have my rights as a worker and its good to know that I always do have a choice if I feel unsafe at somewhere that i’m working.