Post WW1 Reflection #3

(Significance) Summarize what happened with Canada and the Chanak Crisis, Halibut Treaty, King-Byng Crisis, and the Statute of Westminster? Explain how much autonomy was gained by each? Chanak Crisis: In 1922 an incident broke out in the Balkans in a place called Chanak in Turkey. By the terms of the treaty ending the First World […]

Post WW1 Reflection #1

<Evidence/perspective> The first few years after WW1 World War One had lots of effects on Canada. First of all, WW1 made Canada go into debt because of the massive exporting that was done to support Great Britain. Before the war, exports and imports rapidly grew which lead to a recession. With new technology, Canada had […]

WW1 Reflection #5

Theme: love of family Characters: soldier (son) / civilians (parents) Soldier: volunteered for the Battle of Ypres Civilian: worried about her son Setting: Ypres, Belgium plot: A British Canadian soldier didn’t hesitate to take part in the Battle of Ypres. His mom was very proud of it, but on the one hand, she was worried […]

WW1 Reflection #1

Perspective/Evidence During the WW1, In Canada, the government and other organizations often used posters with emotionally charged words and descriptive images to promote the war effort. There existed among French Canadians a tradition of suspicion towards the British Empire, and while sympathetic to France, Britain’s ally, few French Canadians were willing to risk their lives […]