Socials 10 – Reflection

<Ethical Judgement>

I think the benefits of our current electoral system is that it’s easy to understand and fairly quick to count the votes and work out who has won so results can be declared relatively quickly after the polls close. The drawback of our current electoral system is because FPTP restricts a constituency’s choice of candidates, the representation of minorities and women could suffer as the safest looking candidate is the one most likely to be offered the chance to stand for election.

As I said earlier, this system could be unfair to some minorities.

<Evidence/Ethical Judgement>

One example of a successful civil disobedience case is Bill 78, In Quebec that stopped people from protesting and put fins on it because of increasing protests on tuition cost raising. Thousands of people wearing red went out on the streets in civil disobedience of this bill and the bill was removed. I agree with this change because there was no violent act at all and the point across strongly. Therefore, I think this was really good example to show democracy.

SS10: Reflection

  1. Evidence: Canada seems to follow Liberalism because Canada is described as “full democracy” and we believe in government action to achieve equal opportunity and equality for all of us.  In real life, we know that liberals in Canada have always placed a premium on protecting minority rights. Because in 1982, the Canadian Charter of Rights and freedoms advanced this cause in a quantum way through entrenching into the Canadian Constitution both basic liberties and new linguistic rights for minorities. The overriding purpose of the Charter for its proponents was to entrench rights, especially language rights, where no government could ever take them away. And also I thought like that because liberalism wove the social safety net, brought home the Constitution, entrenched the world’s most welcoming immigration policy and delivered full equality to gays and lesbians in Canada.
  2. Significance:  I think we can feel that Canada protects us from an autocracy because there are some differences in “Human Rights” between democracy and autocracy. Canada protects every guarantees broad equality rights and other fundamental rights such as freedom of expression, freedom of assembly and freedom of religion. Therefore, I can choose my religion and express something when I feel it is unfair.
  3. Evidence: In my opinion, the different positions such as MP, Senator, PM, Cabinet, and GG compensated appropriately. Because I feel like Canadians are satisfied with the Welfare Policy. And for the policy, I know that many people need to work, so they are compensated appropriately.