Reactions lab – Chemistry 11

Experiment #1 – We observed that the steel wool started to heat up before disintegrating. The fire and the steel wool produced a green flame. Once we finished burning the steel wool we noticed that the ends were melted, you can see this is the second picture.

Experiment #2 – We observed that the flame first showed in a color of yellowish-orange to a turquoise colour

Experiment #3 – During the experiment we noticed that the hydrogen peroxide turned a mustard yellow and it started becoming hot and then the liquid foamed over the graduated cylinder

Experiment #4 – We observed that the copper wire turned black and as you can see in the last picture it formed a sand like outer edge.

Experiment #5 – We observed the product turned into a yellow liquid.

Experiment #6 – We observed that when we used the acid (H2SO4)   The blue litmus paper turned red/pink and when we used the red litmus paper it stayed the same. When we used the base (NaOH)  we noticed that the blue litmus paper stayed the same and the red litmus changed to blue. When we mixed both together we noticed that both the red and blue litmus paper had a mix of both red and blue in it


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