Post-Secondary Event Reflection

The 3 institutions that interested me the most were Justice Institute of British Columbia because it offers the most famous paramedic training in British Columbia and not a lot of post-secondary schools offer courses for becoming a paramedic they also have schools in the Okanagan and that`s where I want to move when I’m older cause my whole family lives there and my dad is moving there. Brock university they have an excellent nursing program and their new teaching facility provides nursing students with a better advantage in developing necessary skills to be successful in their career.  UBC (University of British Columbia) they also have a good nursing program and they are one of the world’s top ranked universities. They are also not that far from home so if I wanted to live and my mom’s house and drive to campus every day I could.


The institution I would go to would be the Justice Institute of British Columbia. The program I would take would be primary care paramedic first so I could get skills and confidence to manage medical emergencies and then I would take the emergency medical responder (EMR) program because it offers fundamental training for people wanting to enter the health care field the EMR course can be completed in 3 weeks. This school is my first choice because not a lot of schools offer paramedic courses and this one is perfect because it will be near family so I don’t need to live on campus.


The benefit to seeing post-secondary options before I finish school would be if I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I get older I could look around there and maybe talk to some people and maybe that would get me interested in different jobs to consider.


My favourite part about seeing the different schools was being able to see that there are so many different schools that offer different training options for different jobs like if I wanted to become a nurse then some schools have training programs for it and they aren’t all the same. Like the only schools I knew of that had a training program for nursing was UBC but then I found out that Brock had a program for nursing as well, so it just expands your options for universities

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