a mountain journey

these are the questions for “A Mountain Journey”

  1. He was going to sell 5 pounds of fur


  1. Water had seeped down his socks into his boots and his feet were cold and clammy. He had fallen into an air hole. He knew what he should do. He should stop, make a fire, dry his hands and feet, change his socks and mittens. If he hurried he could make it.


  1. branches sweeping low, cradled in its roots he had seen the brown mossy ground where no snow had fallen and where he might have made his fire and spread his bl He could’ve stayed there but he didn’t.

He should stop, make a fire, dry his hands and feet, change his socks and mittens. But it was late. It would mean staying for another night underneath a tree.

He didn’t rest at the first cabin so he walked another 10 miles

He could’ve waited 2 weeks later because the days could’ve been longer and the snow would’ve been crusty but he didn’t wait

  1. he made a lot of mistakes like falling into the river, not drying his hands and not warming up, he did not rest when he should have


  1. the setting was up in the snowy mountains, sometime in February, northern BC, cold, close to dusk


  1. the white cabin at the end with the open door resembles death inviting him in.


  1. something that lives or lasts forever
  2. a state of not moving, motionless
  3. not able to see through, not transparent
  4. prolongation of a sound, resonance
  5. something that gets your going
  6. resembling a corpse, very pale
  7. to gather into a crowd or mass
  8. an overwhelming abundance of people or a flood of people
  9. reduce someone to poverty
  10. to steal something in a casual way ( that’s a low amount of cost)



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