Community Connection

Why you chose to interview that individual

 I chose to interview my cousin, Sarah, because I think her job is interesting (flight attendant with Air Canada)  and I wanted to learn more about it and why she enjoys it herself.     

Her roles and responsibility.

She is a service director. Meaning she has to prepare for each flight, she has to review all the safety aspects that require flying.

 Share what opportunities this Interview has opened up for you.

It has opened up my interests in this being a possible future job.  

 It hasn’t opened up any opportunities specifically, but it has taught me how things run smoothly and efficiently on air plane.  

What you learned from the interview and how that connects to your passions/interests

As a flight attendant, you get to travel to new places all around the world. I like to travel so i think a job as a flight attendant would be interesting.

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