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Why you chose to interview that individual

 I chose to interview my cousin, Sarah, because I think her job is interesting (flight attendant with Air Canada)  and I wanted to learn more about it and why she enjoys it herself.     

Her roles and responsibility.

She is a service director. Meaning she has to prepare for each flight, she has to review all the safety aspects that require flying.

 Share what opportunities this Interview has opened up for you.

It has opened up my interests in this being a possible future job.  

 It hasn’t opened up any opportunities specifically, but it has taught me how things run smoothly and efficiently on air plane.  

What you learned from the interview and how that connects to your passions/interests

As a flight attendant, you get to travel to new places all around the world. I like to travel so i think a job as a flight attendant would be interesting.

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Could we slow down the ageing process?

This is my Infographic about slowing down the ageing process. I chose this topic because, the whole idea of life and human evolution Is very interesting to me. So i wanted to learn more about it.

  •  DEFINE: Outline the specifics of the problem. Finding a way to live longer and slow down that ageing process.
  • DISCOVER: Question and Investigate the issue. What are the underlying issues? Who is affected? What stances have certain countries taken on the issue? What other questions need to be researched to get the information needed to take a stand? There are no issues with doing the things that are provided, it’s provided because it’s good for you and can help you to make sure  your healthy.
  • DELIVER: Share your opinion though an infographic. Use a format that is as effective as possible. Include media that gets your ideas across I believe the infographic is good, its presented in a clear and tidy way. I believe overall it’s well put together.
  • DEBRIEF: Reflect on quality of the product and the process you went through. The process went smoothly and efficient. We got good sources of information to further our ideas.



Digital Footprint

Digital foot print

So, you want to get a job, you’ve been preparing for this for awhile. It’s a perfect job for you but, something that you posted 3 years ago stopped you from getting it. You posted something racist and vulgar. You don’t get the job. Something like that could make your chance of getting it slim to none. Or not getting it at all. Things like racism or mean things that you post could effect your future. It could have been 3 years ago or even 5 ago, still matters.  

What you can do to keep your digital footprint safe and appropriate is being carful what you post and say. You may think its deleted or gone but, once you click send or post It’s there forever. Just think, what would my mom do if she saw I had said this? Or what would my grandma say if she saw this? What you can also do to keep your footprint safe is watching for viruses and bugs. You can also make sure that you don’t get in unnecessary drama and stay out of drama. Instead of getting involved tell a teacher or an adult that you trust because, what you say online can really effect you. You could get kicked off a team, club or you could even get suspended or even expelled.   

 What I learned that being internet safe is highly important, you need to be carful what you say, do and all of that. I would say don’t give in to the internet world and drama ect. Its not real life. People hide behind a screen and say things to you that they probably couldn’t even say to your face. Reacting could make the situation even worse for yourself. I learned what you could have said yesterday, could affect you long time.   

See the source imageSee the source imageSee the source image

See the source imageSee the source imageSee the source image












“Mountain Journey” By Howard O’ Hagan

Dace Conroy was deep in the mountains alone and cold. Dave had been in the mountains for 6 weeks, and he was going to make it to his friend’s cabin without stopping. “Any man would be a fool to travel alone in the mountains” but Dave was determined he was going to make it. 

He had been walking in the fresh white snow, and he had food for five days, an axe, fifty pounds of fur for the market and blanket. He passed a spruce tree. It had wide branches and brown moss where it was clear of snow. It was perfect. He had a choice to keep walking, or to start a to get warm and make a camp at the tree. He chose to keep walking, and to keep looking for a cabin. Slowly nature was wining. His toes and fingers were numb. Dave went to the cabin and it had been burnt down.  He decided to take a seat in the soft snow. Conroy had 10 miles to go.   He passed out. Dave laid there. Then he woke up, he tried to get up he had to his friends were waiting for him but, he just couldn’t. His whole body was weak.  “The world was growing small, dying slowly in the darkness of the sunlight” 

He let his pride take over. If Dave took better care of himself and made a fire near the tree instead of continuing on, he could have easily survived. But he had too much pride. Too much pride can kill you, which in Dave’s case It did.













All about me


I was running down the field, adrenalin filling my body, my heart was racing faster that cheetah on steroids.  I shoot the ball straight into top left corner, goal!

I started playing soccer when I was 5 years old, and I grew a bond with girls on my team. We all were just chasing the ball around like a swarm of bees. As we grew older, some of the girls quit playing, but for me, my love of the sport grew and grew. As we grew older there were different levels try-outs Gold, Siler and bronze and more of us split. I had made it to the gold team like most of us did. I was excited and happy like when a kid gets candy. Ready for a new step in my life.

A year passed, try-outs again, and I make gold, a good year. Another year passes and try-outs again. I Don’t make it. I got dropped down to silver, and I didn’t know what to think I was confused and sad. What had I done? What did I do wrong? I had so many doubts I Felt played. Little did I know it was one of the best things that could have happened to me

The first practice of silver everyone was surprised to see me. “Like what Tankiso you’re here now?” Yep. I excelled a lot on the team. I went to my full potential and it was like I had been realised like a beast that was caged. I can remember I scored every game, and I put everything on the field. Me and a girl that both got dropped both excelled, we were like the dynamic duo like Messi and Neymar. We worked so well together. It was like I completely changed in the aspect of I had this confidence that I didn’t know I had. I remember one game. The whistle blew, I got passed the ball, and carried it up the field and I scored! I scored three times that game. I scored a hat trick. It was amazing. Like that game changed me, like this Tankiso that had been held back. That game was definitely a highligh.

 One of my best games was when the A team and the B team were combined together and played against each other. It was interesting because the A team, my old team, got to see me play. It was kind of like a “look what you lost” kind of moment like Ha! How do you feel now? A showing off moment but the best part was I had fun I just played the sport I love, the sport I love with all my heart. I put everything out there.

Tankiso lebrecht

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