Could we slow down the ageing process?

This is my Infographic about slowing down the ageing process. I chose this topic because, the whole idea of life and human evolution Is very interesting to me. So i wanted to learn more about it.

  •  DEFINE: Outline the specifics of the problem. Finding a way to live longer and slow down that ageing process.
  • DISCOVER: Question and Investigate the issue. What are the underlying issues? Who is affected? What stances have certain countries taken on the issue? What other questions need to be researched to get the information needed to take a stand? There are no issues with doing the things that are provided, it’s provided because it’s good for you and can help you to make sure  your healthy.
  • DELIVER: Share your opinion though an infographic. Use a format that is as effective as possible. Include media that gets your ideas across I believe the infographic is good, its presented in a clear and tidy way. I believe overall it’s well put together.
  • DEBRIEF: Reflect on quality of the product and the process you went through. The process went smoothly and efficient. We got good sources of information to further our ideas.



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