Digital Footprint

Digital foot print

So, you want to get a job, you’ve been preparing for this for awhile. It’s a perfect job for you but, something that you posted 3 years ago stopped you from getting it. You posted something racist and vulgar. You don’t get the job. Something like that could make your chance of getting it slim to none. Or not getting it at all. Things like racism or mean things that you post could effect your future. It could have been 3 years ago or even 5 ago, still matters.  

What you can do to keep your digital footprint safe and appropriate is being carful what you post and say. You may think its deleted or gone but, once you click send or post It’s there forever. Just think, what would my mom do if she saw I had said this? Or what would my grandma say if she saw this? What you can also do to keep your footprint safe is watching for viruses and bugs. You can also make sure that you don’t get in unnecessary drama and stay out of drama. Instead of getting involved tell a teacher or an adult that you trust because, what you say online can really effect you. You could get kicked off a team, club or you could even get suspended or even expelled.   

 What I learned that being internet safe is highly important, you need to be carful what you say, do and all of that. I would say don’t give in to the internet world and drama ect. Its not real life. People hide behind a screen and say things to you that they probably couldn’t even say to your face. Reacting could make the situation even worse for yourself. I learned what you could have said yesterday, could affect you long time.   

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