What happens if the moon disappears? (Wonder Project)

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Fun fact! The moon is already slowly drifting away from our planet [2] So, What would happen if the moon completely disappeared?

I choose this question because I find the moon interesting, I’m really interested in discovering more about how certain objects (example: Planets, Stars, Etc) affect our planet, I choose the moon particularly because it tends to be overshadowed by the sun and not a common thing to write about, It has many unique affects on our planet that we don’t always realize, which is why I want to learn more about it.

What is the moon?

The Moon is the earths only natural satellite, it affects our planets tilt, Wildlife, Climate, Ocean and many other things. Without it these things would change drastically. After doing research, I found 3 main changes that would immediately happen after the moon disappeared.

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1. Say goodbye to High tides

The moon is known for having a large influence on our tides, Without the moon the tides in the ocean would shrink by around 70%, this sudden change would destroy many marine ecosystems. Within a couple years the population would decline extremely. [4]

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2. Ecosystems Destroyed

Marine life wouldn’t be the only type of animals to decline, many nocturnal animals that rely on moonlight would struggle to survive in a world without a moon. For example, moths rely on the moon as a reference point while flying. (Fun fact: that’s also the reason that there attracted to lamps because the light messes up their flight pattern and they end going towards it) Owls and Lions rely on the moon when hunting, without it they would struggle to find food. [1] This creates an unbalance within ecosystems, which in turn could possibly destroy them.

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3. Climate will change

The moon plays a key role in the way that our planet tilts, Without the moon the tilt would change, which would cause our seasons and climates to change. Our planets tilt controls how our seasons are created, even the smallest shift could change the entire climate.  [3]

What would happen to humans?

I theorize that due to the change in tides, and the unbalanced ecosystems, food would be harder to produce, mainly because of the decrease in fishing. The change in Climate could also affect production,

I used this video as one of my sources, It gives a good explanation on some of the major changes that would happen if the moon were to disappear.

In conclusion the moon plays a very important role to our planet, without it many things would change including, Tides, Ecosystems and Climate.


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Ruth Goldberg Project

The Melody Maker —

Step 1: The ball is thrown, hitting the domino (An Example of Mechanical Energy)

Step 2: The domino hits the fan, The fan turns on. (The fan turning on is an example of Electrical Energy)

Step 3: The ball rolls down, there is a string attached to the ball. The string is attached to the ramp.

Step 4: The ramp moves down and the car slides down. (An example of Gravitational Energy)

Step 5: The Car rolls down and hits the glass creating a sound. (with more glasses it would create a melody)

Mechanical Energy: The energy of a moving object

Electrical Energy: The energy of travelling electrons

Gravitational Energy: The energy an object has above the surface.

My ultimate goal for this project was to create a melody using glasses for the different pitches, The project alone doesn’t seem like much but with multiple machines using different glasses it would create a melody.

Wonder Project

What is intuition?   The definition of intuition is “the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.” but intuition is a lot more than that. You know that feeling you get when you know that somethings wrong? Or that sense that everything’s going to be okay, that’s intuition. Intuition is that gut feeling that you get when you know that somethings wrong. It might seem like a super power to most people, but there’s actually an interesting scientific explanation for the strange phenomenon 

Your brain picks up on little signs throughout your life and stores those memories in a place called your subconscious. Our subconscious is the part of our minds that we are not fully aware of, (Your dreams are part of your subconscious). When your brain collects the data throughout your life it uses it to control your intuition. If your brain thinks you’re in a bad situation it will send signals to your gut. 

For example: If you watch a show and one of the characters gets hit by a purple car, you might have a certain feeling of distaste towards purple cars, that you’re not even aware of.  

Unless you’re a detective or a cave man you don’t usually use your intuition that much, (at least that’s what you think). Intuition is a survival tool, without it we would all most likely be dead. we wouldn’t know what is safe or dangerous.

Know that we know how intuition works and the science behind it, we ask the big question. “Can we trust our intuition?” There is no definite answer, it’s hard to research this topic in general because everyone’s intuition will be different. Based on your life experience, you might believe that a certain type of car is good but someone else might have the feeling that its bad and to stay away from It.  

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