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Scavenger hunt
Scavenger Hunt 2020
Scavenger Hunt 2020
Scavenger Hunt
example of a circle: example of parallel lines: More)
scavenger hunt 2020
example of a circle-   example of parallel lines-More)
Math Shape's
Bailey, Josh 1. Obtuse Angle 2. Square 3.3. Perpendicular Lines More)
Foundations 12 Scavenger Hunt
Completed by: Alex, Addi, Maria and Jesse Acute Angle:       Square: More)
Math 11
Parallel lines ^^^^                                                          (More)
Foundations 12 Scavenger Hunt - Addi, Alex, Jesse, Maria
Parallel Lines Perpendicular Lines Right Angle More)
Math Foundations 12 Scavenger Hunt - Oscar, Josh, Ben, Reman
Acute Angle Circle Obtuse Angle More)
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