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Ways That Both The Triple Alliance And The Triple Entent Fought Battles In WWI
https://sway.com/gKYHPCiy80H8eASg (More)
1, How do people maintain their culture post immigration? -They celebrate their holidays like Chinese New Year. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=chinese+new+year+canada&&view=detail&mid=D5351F79B6CFC91FE41AD5351F79B6CFC91FE41A&a (More)
Canadian Identify
  http://www.paulwmartin.ca/courses/hockey-and-canadian-literature/hockey-and-canadian-culture/ 1,The photo shows Canadian kids enjoy to play ice hockey in the sunlight. We can know even kids really enjoy to play ice hockey. The blog e (More)
Multiculturalism assignment
  How do people maintain their culture post immigration, and in what ways¬†might they be discouraged from doing so?¬† Find one example in the media for each side. https://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board/threads/s (More)
Socials perspectives
http://www.bbc.com/news/world-radio-and-tv-18086952   1.Explain why you picked the resources that you did. Canada has a poly-ethnic society which means Can (More)
Canadian Identity
https://goo.gl/images/oeNLu8 1. I picked this image of maple syrup because it is very common in Canada and it has a nice flavour. 2. I think this relates to Canada identity because we have a lot of map (More)
Circle of Influence / Web
Circle of Influence [embeddoc url="http://myriverside.sd43.bc.ca/owens2016/files/2018/04/Circle-of-Influence-Owen-Stuart-2c598yo.docx" download="none" viewer="google" ] Web [embeddoc url="http://myriverside.sd43.bc.ca/owens2016/files/2018/04 (More)
Bilingual Word Collage
This is my word cloud representing Canada by using different words I thought described the country well. I put my word cloud into the shape of a maple leaf. (More)
Socials 10 Unit Project 1: How To Improve Canada
(This is my first unit project for Socials 10, and it's a inquiry assignment on a way to improve Canada. I chose to find a way to improve Canada's large mass animation industry (which is generally, television shows and feature length movies.) [emb (More)
First Nations Storybook
[embeddoc url="https://sd43bcca-my.sharepoint.com/:p:/r/personal/132-hwallace_sd43_bc_ca/_layouts/15/doc.aspx?sourcedoc=%7Bdee0df8f-3369-40c7-a001-62da7e939724%7D&action=edit&uid=%7BDEE0DF8F-3369-40C7-A001-62DA7E939724%7D&ListItemId=40&am (More)
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