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Making babies 101
Remain and I created a Baby in our science class. The way we did this so by flipping a coin to decide who had the dominant trait and other factors to decide traits of the baby. Our baby has blue eyes and wavy hair he also has pointy nostrils. In a wa (More)
Rube Goldberg Project
http://myriverside.sd43.bc.ca/makenal2016/files/2018/06/IMG_8822-1racn72.mov     More)
Reactions and Products.
Here are my drawing examples of the 4 reaction types! Synthesis, Decomposition, Single Replacement, Double Replacement: (More)
Chemical Reactions Anology
[embeddoc url="http://myriverside.sd43.bc.ca/jasonsha2016/files/2018/06/Chemical-Reactions-Anology-24fpkrf.docx" download="all" viewer="google" ] For this assignment we were tasks with creating an visual representation of how chemical reactions wo (More)
Rube Goldberg — “Domin-Oh No! My Chips!”
↑ A drawing of my Rube Goldberg machine (“Domin-Oh No! My Chips!) EXPLANATION: (better explained in the photo) A: Dominoe (More)
"Drop it" Rube Goldberg project
The ball is dropped out of the bucket into the shoe box The ball goes through the shoebox until the end where there is a hole The tennis ball gets stopped by a wall of lego and hits a marble that travels down a ramp The marble falls of (More)
Science 10 Making babies
this is the baby i made with Reagan we rolled wrote out our traits and rolled dice to decide what the baby had. her skin color is light brown, she has dark brown eyes, with brown hair, and large dimples. How does the coin flip relate to the (More)
coin flip kids
This Is my daughter Lia. She has a round face, and dark skin tone. She has dark brown wavy hair that is in pigtails in the photo above. Her eyes are round and dark blue. Her lips are thick and pink. She also has freckles all over her nos (More)
making a child
meet my and Adens child able! a. How does the coin flip relate to the probability of inheriting genetic conditions?  The coin flip gives the chances of inher (More)
Rube Goldberg Project
Our Rube Goldberg the "Boat Pop" is a Rube Goldberg that starts with a phone on a ramp and then the phone gets a call and vibrates down the ramp and hits the dominoes which hits the marbles then the marble rolls down a cut pool noodle on to a ramp of (More)
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