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my space wonder project
research: At the center of a black hole, there is a one-dimensional object with infinite mass called a black hole. Because of the ways black holes bend time and space they cause the laws of physics to break down. Because of the gravity and dens (More)
Jun wonder project
Science 10 10 question 1 Why is star and sun are shining? 2 Is there another space other than our space? 3 Is space endless? 4 Why big bang happened? 5 How did space started? 6 What reason is ISS made for? 7 What humans can’t live in a space? (More)
What would happen if someone fell into a black hole?
Black hole is probably one of the biggest mysteries about the universe. It is defined as a great amount of matter packed into a very small area, with a gravitational field that is so strong that nothing can escape.4  So, with that in mind, “what woul (More)
Astronomy Wonder Question: How will the universe die?
In around 6 billion years, the earth we currently live on will engulf because our sun will die and become a red giant.(1) But that’s just the end of our planet, what will happen to the universe? How will it die? I will discuss this question here and (More)
Artificially Controlling Gravity?! - Wonder Project 10
Wonder Question: Can gravity be changed artificially? What would happen? Why did I pick this question for this project? I picked this question because I am really interested in the way gravity works on Earth. The thing that sparks my interes (More)
Astronomy Wonder Question; Can Black Holes be Made?
Can we make a Black Hole? First of all, in order to make a Black Hole we must know what it is. A Black Hole is an area of space that has an extremely strong gravitational pull. It is called a black hole as the gravity pulls in even light due to (More)
What if you went 299,792,458 m/s in space?
Nothing we have seen has gone the speed of light, so what would happen if you did in space? I got the inspiration to this question because of the Flash, who runs so fast he once escaped a black hole. For this question, i am just going to assume you a (More)
Sci 10 - Wonder Question - Aiden N
[embeddoc url="https://myriverside.sd43.bc.ca/aidenn2018/files/2020/01/Space-Wonder-Project.docx" download="all" viewer="google" ]   This is the video I chose.  It explains the idea of terraforming quite well. More)
Life on Mars
1/10 people say if they had to chance to live on Mars they would. (3) Isn’t that interesting. My question for this inquiry project is “what would life look like on Mars”. I chose this question because I knew there was lots of research on this topic a (More)
Wonder Project 1- Science 10
Question- As humans, would we be able to permanently colonize and live on another planet? What would life look like?  We always hear about how earth is going to end in the near future, and how we won’t have a place to live. But what if we could mo (More)
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