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PHE 9: 5-Pin World Bowling Championship
Indoor Bowling!
Here is my bowling assignment! "https://youtu.be/a346_nlZjGo" (More)
Game Design - "Afloat
[embeddoc url="https://myriverside.sd43.bc.ca/bradenp2018/files/2020/12/Game-design-final-document-2.docx" download="all" viewer="microsoft"] [embeddoc url="https://myriverside.sd43.bc.ca/bradenp2018/files/2020/12/CC-assesmennt-Game-design.docx" d (More)
Game Design and CC reflection- Active Living 11
[embeddoc url="https://myriverside.sd43.bc.ca/jaimeh2018/files/2020/12/game-design-planning-sheet.docx" download="all" viewer="microsoft"] [embeddoc url="https://myriverside.sd43.bc.ca/jaimeh2018/files/2020/12/game-design-cc-reflection.docx" downl (More)
Pool Noodle Monster
This is my groups video for a game we had to create in P.E. https://youtu.be/j_XQyxR7550 (More)
PGA mini golf course
hole 1   club:  hockey stick ball: tennis ball obstacle: about 8 soda cans scattered upon the floor target: small container on its side notes: there were 8 can in a closing triangle pattern that would throw off my ball if I hit (More)
The name of your game!
https://youtu.be/GryQH1AQ824 My core competency: (More)
PE Game Design - Laser Ball
Video: Reflection: [embeddoc url="https://myriverside.sd43.bc.ca/hannahk2018/files/2020/06/PE-Game-Written-Part.docx" download="all" viewer="google" ] Core Compit (More)
LazerBall / Ballon Laser
(My core competency will also be submitted on Teams) Group Members: Hannah, Shanez, Tanesha and Rachel (More)
Ultimate Gridion
[embeddoc url="https://myriverside.sd43.bc.ca/maddoxc2018/files/2020/06/Game-Design-PE-Assignment.docx" download="all" viewer="google" ] [embeddoc url="https://myriverside.sd43.bc.ca/maddoxc2018/files/2020/06/Self-Assessment-PE-Game-design.docx" d (More)
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