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Consumable Waste Reflection
1.How much of these foods come in different types of packaging? Bread vegetables cheese ice-cream yoghurt fruit cup noodles Something more... 2. What kind of packing materials are usually used (styrofoam , cardboard , plasti (More)
Food Waste
Lately  I have been thinking about waste, mainly food waste. I want you to think about the food you usually eat. Now imagine how much packaging has been used for that. Now what is the packaging made of. You can tell a lot about food by the package it (More)
Foods waste reflection
Monster energy, the packaging is a can or a plastic bottle. It comes in different sizes and colours but is overall the same. I think that they choose a can/bottle because it is easy to drink from unlike glass bottles where you have the chance of brea (More)
Consumable Waste Reflection
https://sd43bcca-my.sharepoint.com/:p:/g/personal/132-elogrono_sd43_bc_ca/ES9lYUcORVZPtkPNpcPiufMBPAqPew0DVy5i (More)
consumable waste assignment
There are many types of packaging such as paperboard boxes, plastic, and sealed bag but unfortunately the most common one is plastic. I think these materials were chosen because they are easy to produce and it keeps the food for going bad. Plastic ha (More)
10 Consumable Waste Assignment
How much of these foods come in different types of packaging? I can't give an exact number of how many but for what I see its about 20 packages. What kind of packaging materials are usually used? some of the meat we buy comes in styrofoam. the c (More)
FN 10 Consumable Waste Assignment
almost all the food i eat comes in packaging usually it comes in styrofoam, cardboard or plastic cardboard is used for most dry foods because its cheap, styrofoam is used for meat to prevent bacteria from spreading and contain moisture, plastic (More)
Consumable Waste Reflection
Consumable food waste reflection  Food packaging can come many different forms around the world. The most used packaging is plastic, (plastic containers, plastic wrap, ETC). Plastic is used the most because it keeps the product fresh, and helps to (More)
Consumable Waste Assignment
  In our modern-day world, food is heavily packaged and processed, you may not notice it, but almost all the food we have, is in some way packaged in plastic. Whether that’s steak covered in plastic on a styrofoam plate, microwavable pizza po (More)
Consumable Waste Assignment
[embeddoc url="https://myriverside.sd43.bc.ca/melissak2020/files/2021/02/Consumable-Waste-Assignment.docx" download="all" viewer="microsoft"] (More)
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