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Week 17 - Precalculus 11
For this week, we will be looking at cosine law. The photo below shows how it works, important labels for certain parts that need explaining, and 2 examples. (More)
Week 14 - Precalculus 11
This week I will be talking about graphing reciprocal and absolute value equations and what they end up looking like. I have 3 pages with me describing them and important parts of the graphs that should be noted. Parent functions More)
Week 15 - Precalculus 11
For my week 15 blog post, I have decided to focus on Rational Expressions. Here below, is me explaining everything I will need to know about it along with a couple of examples? More)
Top 5 Moments In Pre-Calculus 11
This class was like a roller coaster filled with ups and downs but throught out this experience I have learned allot from my mistakes. But in this post I am going to be talking about the most influential things that will help me in grade 12. Here are (More)
Final week Blog post - Luka Mladenovic
Hello, It's finals week, so it's time to cram all that I can into my head so it hopefully sticks. I found myself having an easy time remembering quadratic equations, trig, and absolute values. I decided to spend a bit more time on a topic that (More)
Top 5 Memories of PreCalc 11 - Week 18/19
Math had not been my strongsuit over the past couple years, I just couldn't understand some of it for some reason, even though other classes came easy for me. Precalc 11 changed this. I was able to not only understand how the math works and why i (More)
Week 18 - Pre Calculus 11
Well the end is almost upon us. This is going to be the second to last post of the year and in this post I will be explaining sine law. More)
Week 17 - Precalculus 11
Week 4 - Precalculus 11
Week 3: Precalculus 11
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