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Week 17 - Sine and Cosine Law
This week in pre-calculus 11, we extended our knowledge about the different methods of solving triangles. We learned to methods of doing this known as Sine Law and Cosine Law, both demonstrated below. More)
Week 15 - Adding Radical Expressions
This week in pre-calculus 11, we continued to learn about radical expressions. What I would like to focus on for this blog post is adding radical expressions. There are four steps to adding radical expressions which are as follows: Determine (More)
Week 14 - Equivalent Rational Expressions
This week in pre-calculus 11, we had our graphing test then got straight to work on our next chapter: Rational Expressions. We started off by reviewing basic factoring that we've been doing for the past couple years. Then following our review, we sta (More)
Week 12- More Graphing Inequalities and Systems
This week in pre-calculus 11 we learned about how to solve quadratic systems. Most questions were based on two lines either quadratic-quadratic or linear-quadratic. There are multiple ways of find the solution for where both lines cross, like grap (More)
Week 13 - Graphing Reciprocals
This week in pre-calculus 11, we learned about graphing reciprocal functions. The hardest part about this was graphing quadratic reciprocal functions, because there are three different forms depending on how many roots it has. This equation contai (More)
Week 11 - Solving and Graphing Linear Inequalities
This week in pre-calculus 11, we learned how to graph and solve linear inequalities. Basically, it goes like this: If the inequality is greater than or equal to y, the inequality would be $latex y=<2x+5$ To graph this point, you would first (More)
Week 10 - Midterm Review
This week in pre calculus 11, we did review for our midterm which we will be doing on the past four units we've done. This includes Series and Sequences, Absolute Value and Radicals, Solving Quadratic Equations, and the most previous unit, Analyzing (More)
Week 8 - Analyzing Quadratic Functions
This week in pre calculus 11, we learned how to analyze quadratic functions as well as how they look on a graph by the equations. We learned that we can find something from each quadratic. $latex y=a(x-p)^2+q$ From the function above, we can ac (More)
Week 9 - Forming Quadratic Equations
This week in pre-calculus 11, we reviewed analyzing quadratic equations as well as learning how to form quadratic equations. Forming, or modeling, quadratic equations is when you are given one part of the equation, usually the sum, and rather than th (More)
Week 5 - Factoring Polynomial Expressions
This week in pre-calculus 11, we started to learn how to factor polynomial expressions. When we first started learning about factoring polynomial expressions, it was fairly straight forward, as it was questions such as $latex x^2-81$. This is a strai (More)
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