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Pre Calculus 11 - Unit 5 Summary
For the past two weeks, we have been learning about rational expressions and equations. Mostly we have been simplifying them to the simplest form possible while also adding restrictions, which are very helpful, and we also can solve them. I believe a (More)
Pre Calculus 11 - Unit 4 Summary
In the fourth unit of Pre Calculus 11, we learned about how to gain information from quadratic functions and inequalities. I believe that a very, very important part of this unit was knowing how to switch between each form, of which there are 3. This (More)
Pre Calculus 11 - Unit 3 Summary
In the third unit of Pre Calculus 11, we learned how to solve radical equations. I believe that the first method, Factoring trinomials to solve them, is a very important part of this unit. It is the first method you try to solve a quadratic equation, (More)
Pre Calculus 11 - Unit 2 Summary
In the second unit of Pre Calculus 11, Radical Operations and Equations, I believe an important part of the unit is knowing how to multiply radicals to other radicals or whole numbers. You multiply radicals alot and it is an important part of radical (More)
math pre-cal 11
last week, I have get to know more about square roots. One of the skills that we learned is turning mixed radical to entire radical. In order to do this, we need to take the integer number in front of the root sign, which is called the index, (More)
Pre Calculus 11 - Unit 1 Summary
For the first unit of pre calculus, roots and powers, I believe a very important key idea for the unit is the difference between mixed radicals, whole radicals, and how to switch between them. A mixed radical is one with a coefficient other than 1 (1 (More)
Week 17 -- Precalculus11
This week we learned about trigonometry. Firstly, we reviewed what we learned from grade10 . Then we started up with new stuff that we've never learned before. More terms showed up like reference angle. More)
Week16-- Precalculus11
This week we are still learning adding, subtraction, multiplying and dividing rational expressions, the calculation with the denominators. In addition, we learned about applications of rational expressions which is to solve practical problems with ex (More)
This week we kept on learning simplifying ,multiplying , dividing fractions and non-permissible values. I need to be more careful and pay more attention when I solve this kind of questions because they get too complex to solve sometimes. More)
Week14 -- Precalculus11
This week we basically reviewed a bit of reciprocal of quadratic functions and determining the number of asymptotes. In my opinion, the determination of asymptotes is mostly finding the x intercept. Here are the example. More)
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