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Math Recap
This year in math I would say I learned a lot academically but I also learned a lot about what works for me and what doesn't when it comes to getting a good grade that I am proud of.  My top five pieces of advice that helped me a ton is to ALWAYS do (More)
week 17 in Math 10
In the second last week of the semester, and after the winter break, We learned about Systems of Linear Equations.Many of the past lesson are being used in this lesson. In my opinion this lesson is pretty easy to understand and needs some amount of p (More)
Blog post 17
This week in math 10 we have learned about many things such as what a system is, what substitution is, how to solve word problems and how to use elimination, but in this blog post I will be talking about what a system is and how to use elimination to (More)
Week 16 Math 10
week 17 blog post
This week in math we learned about the elimination method.  Elimination is an important method when it comes to systems of linear equations, and is also quite simple. More)
Week 17- Math 10
A system: looking at two lines at the same time to see where they intercept. Even though I wrote down that definition on Monday, I didn't remember it until Friday. This week, one question that stumped me was this one: More)
Week 17
This week in math 10 we learned about systems of linear equations. A system is two equations that we use to find x and y. The most important thing I learned from systems is about substitution. Substitution is an easier method to use to find x and y. (More)
Math 10 - Week 17
This week in math 10 we learned our last and final unit, systems of liner equations. There are three different ways to find the solution graphing, eliminat (More)
Week 17 in Math 10
This week we learned the last unit:Systems of Linear Equations. I think this can be a relatively simple unit compared to other units. Except for the occasional numbers that are a bit tricky and painstakingly cumbersome, the overall picture is fairly (More)
Week 17 in math 10
This week we learned about systems of linear relations. We learned how to solve them using various ways: graphing, substitution, and elimination. The easiest one to use coming from me is substitution because all you have to do is change one int (More)
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