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Biotechnology & Ethics Assignment
This Biotechnology & Ethics Assignment focused on Ted Talk and collaboration. We chose the "What will humans look like in 100 years?" By Juan Enriquez. Juan Enriquez is a Mexican-American academic, businessman, author, and speaker. He is currentl (More)
Science 9 - Work out loud!
Work out loud! https://sd43bcca-my.sharepoint.com/:p:/g/personal/132-eho_sd43_bc_ca/EQjrJAbN8tlIo8rdxDEClSIBPomundJs_Gzk (More)
Power Solution Fluency
The problem with electricity right now is the fact that it causes a lot of pollution. My goal is to compare different methods of creating electricity and finding a more efficient method. Nuclear, Hydro, Wind, and Geothermal are some of the more po (More)
Power solution Fluency
Sophia and i decided to look into the problem of the ozone hole. Define: There is a hole in the ozone layer causing extremely warm temperatures. It's melting ice shelves in the antarctic. The hole is rather large, it is over Antarctica. Antarct (More)
Power Solution Fluency
1: The certain type of problem that the world is facing with electricity that I have decided to talk about today is the fact that using certain types of electricity can cause a major problem that affects our world everyday. This problem being greenho (More)
Power Solution Fluency
https://sd43bcca-my.sharepoint.com/:p:/g/personal/132-lwebster_sd43_bc_ca/EfF8SBY_GH9Ksdq5EkOqo34BLMf1mq0Naf_zwZbIVPj-gA?email=132-JDAGOSTINO%40sd43.bc.ca&e=4%3akwbnJy&at=9&CID=93207a73-aa06-b1ec-edff-a1da67af3973 https://sd43bcca-my.s (More)
Solution Fluency
Solution Fluency DEFINE:  People leaving garbage at the skate park were people are trying to skate DREAM: Using the garbage bins at the skate park instead of the ground. More police at skate parks watching and letting people know to (More)
How does the silicone in waterproof material relate to chemistry and the world?
https://prezi.com/view/OtHMpx2tx1PUjMKSui0j/       Part II : During this project, my group asked the question why does silicone make things waterproof. Everyone (More)
A Fresh look at the Periodic Table
[embeddoc url="https://myriverside.sd43.bc.ca/leigec2019/files/2019/11/Periodic-Table-Rearranged-.docx" download="all" viewer="google" ] [embeddoc url="https://myriverside.sd43.bc.ca/leigec2019/files/2019/11/New-Periodic-table-explanation-1.docx" (More)
Solution Fluency
Solution fluency    1) Define: In our everyday life we are wasting power, which is causing us to have to make more power then we really need  2) Discover: since more and more people are relying on energy to go to work, feed themselves and pr (More)
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