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Climate Action Solutions
During the week we were working on Climate action solutions which we came to a solution of having less power points pumping deadly smoke and c02 into the air because it causes the green house effect on the earth making the earth warmer and causing is (More)
Wonder Project Blog Post 1
Renewable Energy - Pexels.com My Wonder Question: "How will our lives and the Earth be affected (More)
Power Information Fluency- Dams
                                              Power Information Fluency        By Ahmed Amara What Are Dams?   As you’re driving down the mountains you see those gigantic gaps in between and you wondered to yourself on what those gaps were b (More)
Climate Change Inquiry
Part 1: What are the most effective ways students in Coquitlam can do to reduce climate change? A large population of students at Riverside come from Port Coquitlam, but I live in Coquitlam so I wanted to know what I can do to reduce climate ch (More)
Wonder Project Blogpost 1
My wonder question: Do parallel universes exist? If so, what does that mean for humans? Sub-questions: What if you saw or even interacted with a parallel you? How might we go to a parallel universe? How different might the parallel you (More)
Science Inquiry Project - Car Catalytic Converters
This is an embedded Microsoft Office presentation, powered by Office Online. 1) What questi (More)
Wonder Project Blogpost #1
If climate change continues unmitigated, what impact will it have on the daily life of an individual? Why is this question meaningful to me? This question, is definitely one of the most important questions I have about our world, and how the futu (More)
Wonder project : blog post #1
 Is their a way to slow down the growth of cancer cells? I chose this question because i have always wondered if there was a cure for cancer. A lot of people say there is and others say there isn't  so I don't know what to say. The other reason is (More)
Wonder question : Blog post 1 & 2
How can we believe actions from the past? This question is meaningful to me because:  Teachers teach us all of this stuff in socials and in history but how did we gather this information This question is meaningful to others because:  We believ (More)
My wonder project blog post 1
My wonder question: Do we have self-consciousness/free will? My question is meaningful to me because the idea of whether or not we have the ability to choose our own destiny and whether or not our actions matter is something that I have wondered (More)
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