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Science App Review - Socratic
App Description/Details: Take a PHOTO of your homework question and get explanations, videos, and step-by-step help instantly. Supports Science, Math, History, English, Econ and more. Completely free, NO in-app purchases. "This app is lifesaver" (More)
Science App Review
Problem: Written Periodic Tables can be hard to read at times, the writing  can be small. Also, finding elements can be difficult when the writing is so small. Periodic Tables can be hard to keep handy and near you when doing a task, it would be n (More)
Science app review
The app that I am going to review is YouTube but more specifically the science channels like cody's lab, ASAP SCIENCE, MinutePhysics, SmarterEveryday and a lot more science channels. Question: how many devices are it on. Answer: it's on every d (More)
app thing
[embeddoc url="http://myriverside.sd43.bc.ca/abbyw2017/files/2018/06/SCIENCE-APP-REVIEW-y8jli2.docx" download="all" viewer="google" ] (More)
Science 9 app review
consider a problem: finding out who discovered the element or the atomic number brainstorm: Googling the element to see if its right search up pictures of the periodic table. see if the same person comes up on who found the element. perio (More)
science app thing
[embeddoc url="http://myriverside.sd43.bc.ca/abbyw2017/files/2017/12/Abby-weber-szfkj4.docx" download="all" viewer="microsoft" ] (More)
My Digital Footprint:Science App Review-Science Glossary app
1. How does the app help users build skills or learn content? It provides information on science words that wer unfamiliar and give insight into their proper usage and their starting point. 2. How intuitive is the app? Is it self-explanatory or (More)
Science App Review
I was trying to find an app that could make memorizing and understanding an app easier for me and possibly others. Since there are so many elements with tons of different details in them people could easily get confused. It could take a while to (More)
Science App Review:
The app that I chose is called Chem Games and it is an app that can help you review what you have learned in class. It gives you multiple choice questions on matter, mass, solutions, atoms and much more. This app can help you to study for tests. All (More)
Science App Review
For this project I will be finding, downloading and using an app that will help me with my current topic in science, the periodic table. My goal is to find an app that will help me learn and understand the periodic table and all the little things in (More)
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