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Science 9 Collaboration Fluency
As a group, we experimented with each rod and fabric to see which ones will work the best. In conclusion, we determined that the Lucite and the Fur will work the best for our race tomorrow. Silk Polyester Cotton Wool Plactic bag Fur (More)
Biome Investigation Science 9 H 2017
Examine: For our collaboration fluency project we were assigned into multiple different groups that had to work together to create a presentation on sway to showcase the information we gathered about a particular biome. I believe that this assign (More)
Innovation Project
Core Competency Reflecting on my progress in the Innovation Project, I wanted to focus on Communication as my core competency. I thought that from (More)
COL biome sway
Here is the link to my Sway on Grassland Biomes, https://sway.com/GAphM2fhnqXdRmCU Today, Ethan, Toby, Laily and myself made 4 sways on four different biomes found in the world. First, we each pic (More)
Meiosis Analogy
http://myriverside.sd43.bc.ca/breannap2016/2016/11/23/meiosis-analogy-video-jenna-breanna-shelby/   Establish) What non-negotiables do you have for your group? Breanna) Act out the analogy. Jenna) Explain how the stages are related to meiosi (More)
Innovation project: Final blog post
  Core competencies: For this final blog post I have decided to focus on the “Critical thinking skill” part of the core competencies. I believe we are refining when it comes to identifying the criteria used to analyze evidence. This is (More)
Dragon's Project
Our group thought of making a teleporting machine that teleports people from a certain place to another. that innovation too (More)
Innovation Project - Final Post
2) Core Competency I focus on traffic accidents. So I searched about the most common traffic accidents through internet and some people around me, and researched how I can solve those problems with electricity. 3) Collaboration Reflection In (More)
Innovation Project - Final Post
Media Collaboration While collaborating, each group member had their own strengths in which they contributed to the project. We tried to do most of the work (More)
Reflection On Collaboration Fluency
For this project my group (Dayton and Matt) and I came together to brain storm an idea about a battery that never dies! but as idea came in and others were thrown away we came up with the Solar Panel Battery. we decided that it would have a charging (More)
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