Careers & conversations Reflection

Mr. Shen spoke to me. He inspire me because I was interested in sports but I never thought of it as a career. He said he is a computer graphic designer nd designed a sport graphic so I became interested in his job. Because I have no dream yet. I didn’t  hear about this job so when I listened his saying, I really interested it. I think computer skill is soft but design is more hard skill because all of computer designer can use computer very well. Otherwise designed is more difficult. First designer thinks that Is it possible for design to fit into the theme? And What effect would it have on the topic? etc. Such a design is a very difficult process. But I don’t have these skills. So If I do this job then I would be little bit hard. So if l do that, I will study design hard. If I work hard, I will be able to do design work too. But I can’t  follow the natural talent, but I know that the effort does not betray. If I want to be a designer,I would study design in university, and After much practice and effort, I will work in company then work with my seniors. Then I will get advice from my seniors. Someday I may become a good designer. I think the career & conversations morning is a valuable experience. Cause I don’t have any definite future hope yet so I learned about the job of computer graphics designer, and I can mix with my favorite fields, sports. So I think this experience was a great experience for me.