Desmos Art functions Card 2018

Did you have any challenges?

  • yes, when I make the Christmas tree decorations, it was hard to make the decorations fit in the tree and change the functions to find the relations many times. Also, the grass is hard to find the best function to represent grass, I tried many times to figure out the way to show grass.

Any aha moments?

  • Yes, when I first finish the snowman and found the relations, i found that’s easier and fun.

Did you get help?

  • Yes, I ask my friend about the shape of the picture and some ideas about what is the holiday card look like.

Did you use any strategies?

  • I did the shape of a snowman, and the tree first, decorated them after, which will be easier to find the positions.

How did this assignment help you understand more about the transformations of functions and relations?

  • After the assessment, I become more clear with the functions and knows their shapes well will.



Newton’s Law Video

By Sylvia xu and Keenan zhao

Newton’s first law:

The yellow box at rest stays at rest. The object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.

Newton’s Second law

The presence of an unbalanced force will accelerate to the yellow box can changing its speed, its direction, or both its speed and direction.

Newton’s third law:
Yellow box exerts a force on black box, then black box exert a force of equal magnitude and opposite direction back on yellow box.



Reflection for Holocaust

1, How did the holocaust happend?

The Nazis believed that exterminating the Jews was justified because the Jews were not only a ‘low’ and ‘evil’ race, but were affecting the lives of the Germans negatively. Hitler and the Nazis blamed them for all the social and economic problems in Germany.

2, How did an individual’s geographic location, group or WW2 events impact areas experience.
In the early war years, the newly transformed Reich Association of Jews in Germany ( Reichsvereinigung der Juden in Deutschland), led by prominent Jewish theologian Leo Baeck but subject to the demands of Nazi German authorities, worked to organize further Jewish emigration, to support Jewish schools and self-help organizations, and to help the German Jewish community contend with an ever-growing mass of discriminatory legislation.
Following the outbreak of war on September 1, 1939, the government imposed new restrictions on Jews remaining in Germany. One of the first wartime ordinances imposed a strict curfew on Jewish individuals and prohibited Jews from entering designated areas in many German cities.

further decrees limited the time periods in which Jews could purchase food and other supplies and restricted access to certain stores, with the result that Jewish households often faced shortages of the most basic essentials.
Website that I used

Round Table Reflection

In the Round Table activity, I learned many staff that I do not know before. I learn about how do CONSERVATISM will sovle thoes problems, and each different side of goverment, how they think about problem and how to solve them.

In consercatism, for most of the problem, we will choose to help people and give them whatever they need in a reasonable way. Every doctrine has its own ideas, but everyone wants to help their residents in their own way.


”We would try our best to accommodate those who are less fortunate by trying to get the higher class to donate in charities and by opening up private companies in local areas to help locals get jobs so they can afford more food, clothing and basic shelter during the winter. We personally would not provide people in the lower mainland with food and clothing as it wouldn’t last them. We want sustainability not just to provide for one winter. “If you give a man a fish you feed him for a day, but if you teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime.” We would also work on the markets, so people can buy extra clothes, foods exedra. ”

This is one expamole of how conversatism will do when ”during the winter months by citizens of the lower mainland”

I was learn at the way of people that support Conversatism thought and learn more about different doctrine thought.