Week 8 – Math 10

This week in math 10, we started a new unit on relations. Specifically we focused on the different types of relations and what they look like on a graph as well as writing equations to represent them. There are 2 basic types of relations: Linear and nonlinear. A linear relation is a relation that represents a straight line if you were to graph it. A nonlinear relation is a relation that represents a curved line or circle if you were to graph it. I learned what an x intercept and y intercept is. An x intercept of an equation is the coordinate in the x axis on which the line passes through. For an x intercept, the y is always zero in the ordered pair. You can use this information to find the x intercept from a given equation like the example below.

Determine the x intercept of the graph of the following equation.

If we know that y is always zero, then we can simply substitute all the y’s for zero and then solve the equation.

Now, we can solve the equation. First, add 14 to each side.

Now, we can divide both sides by 5 to isolate x and solve for it.

Now, we can represent the x intercept by writing the ordered pair. Remember, x is always first in an ordered pair.

It is a very similiar idea to finding the y intercept of an equation. The one thing that is different is that x is always zero, so we need to substitute all the x’s for zero, then solve.

We can reduce the fraction to lowest terms.

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