English 11

Here is the written portion question. Remember, this is your final piece of writing. Be insightful and interesting. You CANNOT bring in an outline.

One of the main objectives of English class is to learn “life lessons” and reflect. In a well-crafted paragraph, explain what you have learned about the human condition from the sources we have studied in class. Be sure to reference a minimum of three sources and be insightful. Quotes are not necessary. (10 marks)


Intro Journal Entry-

Macbeth Review-

Lord of the Flies 



A quizlet to help study the terms

Quizlet for grade 11 Poetic and Prose Terms



Poetry terms PPT  Poetic Devices for grade 11-

O Captain-

O Me, O Life-

Tomorrow in Macbeth-

Transgender spoken word poem-

Knock Off Native-

Short Stories

Prose Fiction Terminology 11 Worksheet-

Prose Fiction Terminology UPDATED-


Totem (story)

Totem- assignment

No Bikini- story

No Bikini- student worksheet (doc)




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