English 10

English 10 Overview- Student copy

Getting to know you

Please write a paragraph introducing yourself to me.  Do a multiple intelligence quiz first and learn about your learning styles.

  1. take the Multiple Intelligences Quiz
  2. Read more about your intelligences on this site.
  3. Set up your Grade 10 English Edublog site (but don’t post on it yet!)
  4. For your first post, write a paragraph describing yourself according to the multiple intelligences. Eg. I am an interpersonal learner as I like to learn from experience and reflect on my learning. I am also a intrapersonal learner as I learn better with others.
  5. Include your interests as well. This can be everything from your activities, to your interests (and maybe something about English too!)
  6. What are your strengths in English? Your weaknesses? What would you like to improve this year?
  7. Email me your paragraph at sthomasen@sd43.bc.ca- please include your grade and block number in the subject line. Eg. All about me- Sheri Thomasen Gr. 10 Bk. A








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