Literary and poetic elements, techniques and devices

Curriculum Competencies

Evaluate how literary elements, techniques and devices enhance and shape meaning and impact.

Appreciate and understand how language constructs personal, social and cultural identities.

Understand and appreciate how different forms, formats and structures and features of texts reflect a variety of purposes, audiences and messages

We are going to examine three poems and one short story where the structure, literary devices and style shape and enhance meaning and reflect the author’s identity. (there will be a test and an essay after we analyze these sources


Monday- Quiz+ Poetry Devices

Homework check. Each assignment is worth 2 marks each towards your homework mark (10% of total mark). You do your homework on time with effort and you get the marks. You don’t do it, you get 0)

  1. 6 reasons why it is important to have good grammar (One Note)
  2. 16 Personalities blog post (some of you did it on the weekend in OneNote- that is perfect! You don’t have to do it again if you haven’t already)
  3. Political Cartoon paragraph (I responded to your paragraph in green highlighter)

No Red Ink Quiz

Study your poetic devices on quizlet while you wait for everyone to finish




Monday-Comma Quiz +Pathways

  1. No Red Ink Quiz- begin ASAP (just on commas today)
  2. Hand in your paragraphs
  3. Pathway to a Theme- I will read The Island to you as the mentor text. We will work through the summary, conflict, theme and inquiry questions as a class. You can find the book on my “inquiry” page. I will show you. If you are not in class, get someone to show you 🙂
  4. Then, you are on your own for TWO more kid’s books. You will work with a partner.

Friday- Commas, Poetry terms, Grammar Stickler

  1. Comma practice

Image result for oxford comma

Image result for stop clubbing baby seals meme

oxford comma

No Red Ink- Commas in a series (oxford comma)

Test on Monday- commas and active/passive words. No Red INK 



Here are two quizlets to help you learn:

Quizlet for all the definitions

Quizlet with examples for the figurative devices

There will be a Quizlet test on Friday next week. This will include ALL the definitions. 

Homework: For Monday, please read the following article from the Harvard Business Review:

For Monday, I will ask you the six reasons why Kyle Wiens won’t hire people who use poor grammar. PUt your answers in OneNote under “journal entries”



Thursday- Get to know you

  1. PechaKucha reminder
  2. Active and Passive Sentences on No Red Ink. Do all three exercises by tomorrow.

Image result for active and passive sentences

16 Personalities


  1. Reflection: on your blog you are to write this:
    1. what is your personality type
    2. Three words to describe you
    3. What you can learn from having a strong personal awareness of yourself and others
    4. Why are these tests flawed?
    5. TAG: 16personalities

Wednesday- Grammar and 16 Personalities

  1. No Red Ink- accounts. Class code is famous knot 60
  2. Today, we will look at  commas for clarity.
  3. THEN, go to your paragraph you wrote yesterday and change it to make it better. Can you improve your commas as well?
  4. Who are you? Do the following test BUT DO NOT buy an account. We can do this for free:
  5. Discuss who you are with your group.
  6. In OneNote, under “journals” you are to reflect on your personality.
    1. What is your “label” or “type”. Can you copy the avatar into the journal entry??
    2. What are two strengths and what are two weaknesses- do you agree?
    3. Choose 1-2 other categories to read and reflect (career path, love, friendship, etc). Do you think this is helpful to know about yourself? Why or why not? Give me details from the site as evidence for your argument
    4. How is knowing this about yourself useful to you? How is knowing someone else’s Trait useful to you?

Wednesday- Commas for Clarity

No Red Ink:  We will set up an account for you today.

The class code is last goose 17

Everyone does “Commas for Clarity” today. 

You are to do the Capitalization and Commonly Confused Words by Friday. 

Six-Word Memoir: In your group, share your 6 Word Memoir with ONE person to make a video. Can you add music?

The rest of you will be doing Kahoot to test your English knowledge 🙂

Hopefully we will have time to show the video at the end of class!