Wednesday- “Yet Do I Marvel”

  1. Cassidy’s Pecha Kucha
  2. Put Haiku’s on the poster board
  3. On your Edublog, go to “dashboard”- “tag”- “haiku” and read all the haikus. Choose the one that you think BEST REFLECTS THE THEMES OF THE HUGHES POEM. So it doesn’t have to be your favourite, just the one that best encapsulates the message in the poem. And don’t just pick your friends!!!!
  4. Find the Haiku on the poster board and put a dot on by the poem. Someone will win the “You are a poet and didn’t know it” prize 🙂
  5. Main Idea exercise.  What is Countee Cullen like as a person and what was his role in the Harlem Renaissance? With your partner, highlight the important points and be ready to report out.
  6. Begin analyzing the poem below 🙂

Tuesday- PechaKucha Reflection and “Speaks”

  1. Go to OneNote and look at the “Core Competency” tab and the PechaKucha reflection
  2. Fill in three goals BEFORE you start your PechaKucha by referring to the CC Profiles sheet
  3. Discuss ideas with the people in your group
  4. Finish up “The Negro Speaks of Rivers” including all the questions
  5. Haiku: you are to create a Haiku that reflects the themes in the poem. Begin with brainstorming all the words related to the themes and work from there. When you are done, write it on the poster paper on the board AND post it on your blog (TAG:Haiku, TITLE: Haiku in response to “The Negro Speaks of Rivers”)
  6. Features of Haiku

    • It contains three lines.
    • It has five moras (syllables) in the first line, seven in the second, and five in the last line.
    • It contains 17 syllables in total.
    • A Haiku poem does not rhyme.
    • Haiku poems frequently have a kigo, or seasonal reference.
    • Haiku poems are usually about nature or natural phenomena.
    • The poem has two juxtaposed subjects that are divided into two contrasting parts.
    • In English, this division between two parts can be shown by a colon or a dash.

Monday- Lots to do :)

  1. Cassidy’s Pecha Kucha
  2. Quiz of poetry devices
  3. Continue analyzing “The Negro Speaks of Rivers”. It should be fully analyzed by tomorrow. If you still don’t understand after today’s class… do your own research online. There is tons of information on this poem 🙂

Thursday- Review

  1. Review types of poems from yesterday
  2. Review “Benefits of Poetry for Professionals”
  3. Review “Juicy” and imagery of wealth
  4. Go over answers for “Harlem Renaissance” (tomorrow)
  5. Time to review for the quiz tomorrow.

Biggie uses many devices in his song “Juicy” to reflect the meaning and his identity. Firstly, he uses allusions to African American Rap stars and DJ’s from his childhood to illustrate his roots and cultural identity. He too is African American and aspires to be like his heroes. Using these allusions reflect who he is and who he aspires to be. He uses contrasting images of wealth and poverty to enhance meaning. For example, he doesn’t drink water, he drinks champagne. He eats his lunch by the pool. He has diamond earrings in his child’s ears. We can taste and see his excessive wealth. We can also see the feel of poverty in the lines “no heat, wonder why Christmas missed us” and the sound when the landlord “dissed” them for not having their rent paid. In addition, BIGGIE’s use of tone defines the meaning. His attitude is cocky, proud and confident. He has gone from poverty to wealth and the listener is going to hear his attitude reflected in his strong images and allusions. He has made it and he wants us to know it.

Thursday- Poetry Terminology

We will have a “Pathways to a Theme” test tomorrow. You can have your “cheat sheets” on your desk to help with formatting. I will give you a new book to read and analyze.

We will use the rest of the class today to finish up your books.

Here are all the poetry terms you should know for English 10:

Here is your assignment that is due on Feb. 20th.

Wednesday- Read and Write :)

Sorry, I forgot to tell you that I am at a CLC meeting a the Board office this afternoon. Mr. Bilan will be taking over and helping out today. Because I am not there, I am giving you assignments that are more independent. Please have them finished by tomorrow in block D.

  1. Types of poetry. Review the different structures in your poetry terminology document. Then, in your group, determine which of the poems in your package is that particular structure. There is one of each. Be sure you know WHY you chose that structure and be able to back up your decisions.
  2. “How do the devices/style enhance meaning and reflect his identity?” in “Juicy”? This was the final question on your poetry sheet. Remember, we determined he identifies with being African American, from the East Coast, he is a rap god, and he is successful and loaded. In a short paragraph, how do the devices or his writing style reflect and/or enhance this identity? Put the answer to this question in OneNote under “Journal Entries”. 
  3. Read the following article: The Benefits of Poetry for Professionals. After you have read it, in One Note, under “Journal Entries” give me three reasons why poetry is beneficial for professionals. After each answer, tell me if you agree or disagree and why. 
  4. Read the following article: Introduction to the Harlem Renaissance and answer the following questions by tomorrow:
  5. See you tomorrow!