Friday- CC and “Trap Lines”

  1. “Food and You” returned
    1. do the corrections on your document
    2. copy and paste to your blog
    3. add the image
    4. Title: (your title)
    5. TAG: foodandyouC
    6. Due Monday for 5 marks completion
  2. Inquiry Question for the whole semester- find sources to answer it!
  3. Finish the CC- why do this? To see these in our characters and ourselves. To identify traits and create messages/themes based on these traits. To see ourselves reflected and to look through the window at others.

Tuesday- Commas, Peer Edit, Revisions

  1. Do the corrections: Good and bad sentences for Food and YOu-
  2. Exchange your computer with a partner. Peer edit by following the checklist. Be sure to check it off if you read it and it makes sense. Peer editing checklist for Food and You-
  3. Look at the rubric. How will it be assessed?
  4. Do the revisions for your paragraph. Do your best to include level 2 adjectives and descriptions; watch your comma usage; make sure it reflects YOU! Check mine out again- I’m pretty proud of it 🙂 Food Critic- Bin 941-
  5. Have the printed copy WITH AN IMAGE for me tomorrow.

Thursday- “Food and You”

  1. Share your restaurant with the people in your group. Tell them why it reflects you and describe the food.
  2. Watch the video- what words are used to describe the restaurant and the food? On your brainstorm, record descriptive (level 2) words that sound good to you.
  3. Writing Analysis- Let’s look at how a restaurant review is written. Look for comma usage, Comma-Cheat Sheet- word choice and content. Restaurant Review: Tastes of modern Canada in Chinatown
  4. We will write an in-class paragraph on Monday. We will do revisions on Tuesday. It is due on Wednesday- printed and corrected.