Thursday- Work Block

You have the block to catch up. Please use your time wisely.

Please do any of the following:

  1. No Red Ink (dialogue and parallelism)
  2. Creative Writing Project
  3. Outline for your Narrative essay. Ask the TOC to approve your topic and lesson before Monday. Remember, think of a lesson you learned about humanity or yourself. (For those of you who want to do a “coming of age” as opposed to epiphany, think of “Chris Pine Blue Eyes”. It is set over a year so she just chooses moments within that year that highlight her learning.
  4. Research for your Humanities project. Look for non-fiction sources, or set up an interview, or look for a movie to watch this weekend.

By Monday- have that outline done. We will be writing in class on Monday (we will do a creative writing day later in the week). This is an in-class essay! Please don’t write until Monday.

Tuesday- Narrative Essay

  1. Theme statement practice for “Indian Education”. Choose the best one from your group. Put on the board.
  2. Story telling time!!!
  3. Assignment, brainstorm, rubric (all in one) Narrative Essay gr 10 ’17-(have the outline done by Thusday.)
  4. “The Boy with the Chris Pine Blue Eyes” (we will be analyzing this narrative essay on  Wednesday)
  5. No Red Ink- Do the “dialogue” exercise right away as this is probably review. Please do not do the parallelism exercise until we have analyzed the “Blue Eyes” essay above. Just trying to save you time 🙂
  6. Example: Jae’s Moth Story-

Monday- Handmaid’s Tale OR Creative Writing OR Indian Education Questions

Please choose ONE of the options above. This is NOT free time.

We will go over “Indian Education” questions at 9:50.

Homework- think of a time in your life when you LEARNED  SOMETHING. Because you are in honours class, a simple bike accident or trip over a rock will not do. Think relationships, think coming of age, think the human condition (gasp, I said it 🙂 Have some ideas for tomorrow. We will be sharing them in our groups… it will be half a block of oral storytelling.

Friday- Humanities Project Day

Sorry everyone- I forgot today was the day we will work on our Humanities Project with Mr. Chan’s class. You are to research a social justice campaign with your group and come up with a potential plan to alleviate discrimination.

If you are done early, be sure to talk about your research and don’t forget to document your discussions!

Grade 10 Block B– do another portion of your Poetry Mind Map this weekend. We will continue with “Doll’s House” on Monday.

Grade 10 Honours Block C– This weekend, continue working on “Indian Education” to question #6. Have part one questions completed by Monday. Don’t worry about the “writing analysis” portion (question 6. 7, 8)  Please read the Macleans article about racism in Canada. What is the main message of the article???

On Monday, you will get 50 minutes to either a) do your creative writing project or b) watch episode 2 of Handmaid’s Tale, c) work on your questions for “Indian Horse”.

For the last 30 minutes of class, we will go over “Indian Horse” questions to make sure you understand the story. There will be homework marks awarded for having the questions completed.

Friday- Finish Handmaid’s Tale + Misplaced Modifiers

  1. Misplaced Modifiers on No Red Ink (just do the first assignment- don’t do the second)
  2. Finish the worksheet for Handmaid’s Tale by reading the interview and answer the questions
  3. Discuss as a class: Is Margaret Atwood a feminist? How is this dystopia similar to Harrison Bergeron? What can you take from these two stories to apply to your Humanities project?
  4. The worksheet is to be complete by Tuesday. I will be looking for homework marks. We will have a quiz on the two stories on WEDNESDAY next week.
  5. Addition: Question #5. Please answer this on a separate document PRINTED to be handed in on Tuesday. Handmaid’s writing assignment-Be sure your explanation is well written and insightful. Use specific examples from the TV show AND specific examples from your news article. When quoting, be sure to put quotation marks around the quote.