1. Poetry Concept Map is due on Thursday
  2. Would you be interested in the following:
    1. Bard on the Beach (Midsummer’s Night Dream) on June 3rd from 11-5. Cost about 35$ for ticket and bus
    2. All Star Slam- April 23rd, block A/B and the first 15 minutes of Block C. Cost would be $6 plus skytrain ticket.
  3. Finish prose term review-
  4. Honours Link- it is on the Riverside home page. I will show you where to apply for next year 🙂


  1. In your group, analyze the movie in relation to the prose terms you need to know for English 10. We will go over the answers at the end of the block.
  2. Work on poetry concept map- due Feb. 20th. There will be no more class time for this project- sorry 🙁
  3. PechaKucha 🙂

Thursday- Poetry Terminology

We will have a “Pathways to a Theme” test tomorrow. You can have your “cheat sheets” on your desk to help with formatting. I will give you a new book to read and analyze.

We will use the rest of the class today to finish up your books.

Here are all the poetry terms you should know for English 10:

Here is your assignment that is due on Feb. 20th.

Monday-Comma Quiz +Pathways

  1. No Red Ink Quiz- begin ASAP (just on commas today)
  2. Hand in your paragraphs
  3. Pathway to a Theme- I will read The Island to you as the mentor text. We will work through the summary, conflict, theme and inquiry questions as a class. You can find the book on my “inquiry” page. I will show you. If you are not in class, get someone to show you 🙂
  4. Then, you are on your own for TWO more kid’s books. You will work with a partner.

Wednesday- Commas for Clarity

No Red Ink:  We will set up an account for you today. https://www.noredink.com/

The class code is last goose 17

Everyone does “Commas for Clarity” today. 

You are to do the Capitalization and Commonly Confused Words by Friday. 

Six-Word Memoir: In your group, share your 6 Word Memoir with ONE person to make a video. Can you add music?

The rest of you will be doing Kahoot to test your English knowledge 🙂

Hopefully we will have time to show the video at the end of class!