Wednesday- Synthesis Essay

Comma Splices and Fused Sentences

  1. No Red Ink
  2. Grammar Bytes. This is the first exercise. I will put them all on here- do if you feel the need.


Wednesday– brainstorm and thesis statement

C and C Assignment H10 ’18- (Honours) 

Comparison-contrast-Essay-gr 10- (ppt)

Thesis Statements for C and C Gr. 10 alt-

Thursday- brainstorm and thesis statement

C and C example gr11 2-

More examples of introductions:

Developing examples (don’t do this!!)

Quote integration and punctuation (see video below)


Thursday– Thesis statement check

Organization of essay + outline

Friday–  outline

Monday– outline continued

Tuesday– Quote formatting

Tues-Friday– in class writing!!


Friday- Humanities Project + Video

  1. Watch TKAM video to the end of the court scene.
  2. Humanities project
  3. Read TKAM from page 284-318
  4. Questions to discuss:
    1. Why did the jury take so long to decide? Who was responsible for the delay?
    2. How does Jem take the news of the guilty verdict? How is he changing?
    3. What is ironic about the tea party conversation regarding the children of Africa and Mr. Everett in chapter 24?
    4. How is Scout growing up?

Tuesday- Read and Inquiry Question

  1. Continue reading chapter 15. Discuss.
  2. Inquiry question: this is the question you will explore for your synthesis essay. One source will be TKAM. The other source will be a source of your choosing. It can be a movie, a novel or a poem. It is your job to find a source that explores your question (see OneNote) by Tuesday, Dec. 11th. Eg. How does one alleviate racism? Sources: TKAM and The Help.
  3. Read 🙂