Friday- Group Analysis

Today you will work in your group on the collaboration page of OneNote.

You are to analyze together, finding examples for at least 10 of the devices/techniques.

As a group, decide on the TONE and the MESSAGE/THEME of each reading.

Characterization- All these essays are wonderful at “showing, not telling”. As a group, find a paragraph or section that illustrates the technique of “showing, not telling”. What is it showing about the author?

Stabiltiy in Motion


A Poet’s Boyhood at the Burning Crossroads

A South African Strom

For Monday- have the OneNote complete!!!! Figure out how to get it done between everyone. 

Devices Deluge

Before we get deep into the analysis of writing, you should know many poetic devices found in poetry and prose. Today is a “devices deluge” day. Know what they are and what they mean by the end of the block.

poetry_terminology_12– Here is the terms you need to know for English 12

  1. Quizlet test done as a group (not for marks)
  2. How are you going to learn the definitions and how to recognize them in writing? In your group, learn them all in whatever way works for you and your group. Flashcards? Notes? Youtube videos? Discussions?
  3. If you feel confident you know the definitions, begin finding examples and teach them to each other.
  4. Redo the test (individually) and aim for the better mark. The marks will be added up in your group and the winning group gets…. jujubes?? Glory?? The point is to help each other learn so you all succeed.  (for marks)
  5. Test #3- recognize the concept in writing (not for marks…. yet)

Friday- Personal Profiles

Hello everyone

Today we are going to do a “Personal Profile” as required by many post-secondary institutions, jobs, etc.

I will use the format that UBC uses for their admission process as it is reflective of many other establishments.

Look in your email for the English 12 OneNote. If you can’t find it, I will add it for you. See me.

Here is the assignment: Personal Profile

Use this block to complete the writing assignment AND No Red Ink AND your Fractured Poetry blog post. Everything is due by Monday.

Here is the workshops you can choose from for the Writers Festival. Choose ONE in the morning slot and ONE in the afternoon slot.