Liam and Luka- PechaKucha!

Literary Circle- final two assignments- which one would you like me to mark??? Fill in your rubric for me and be clear. Are all assignments together and easy to find???

Review of literary lens: fill me in on what you learned!

Communication Competency: Core Competencies Page for Riverside

  1. Go over the competencies, especially “communication” and create a mind map with your group
  2. What does good communication look like? Reflect back on the discussions you sent me.
  3. Do the reflection at the bottom of the page- The Getting To Know Me (Word or PDF)
  4. Attach to your blog as per the instructions at the bottom of the page

For the last 20 minutes of class, you are to reflect on the act of reading. In images, words, or phrases, describe a positive reading experience.

Monday – Book discussion and Theme Statements

Here is an outline for the day BUT Mrs. Leonard may change it any way she wants. Just follow her directions 🙂 She may go in another direction and I am all good with that!

  1. In your groups, discuss the ending the book. Expected? Happy? Sad? Disappointing? Author’s intent??

2. Record your thoughts on ONE piece of lined paper per group. You can all take a corner and write at the same time.

3. Theme Statements- write THREE per group. Address THREE different conflicts. These theme statements can be multi sentence so go deep. They are novels so there should be plenty to choose from. Write on the back of the piece of lined paper.

Here are the ones we began:

Red Rising-

Topic- social warfare and power

An imbalance of power between classes, may lead to warfare and rebellion.

High Fidelity-

Topic- the uncertainty of life

A lack of control/power may lead to a meaningless life.

Lord of the Flies- 

Topic- evil tendencies of humans

A lack of order and control may lead to chaos.

Lovely Bones-

Topic- power(less), relationships

A violent death in a family will affect a family immensely and maybe make them feel powerless to do anything.

Fight Club –

Topic- monotony of life

A lack of violence can lead to a boring life.

Friday- last day of reading!!

  1. Discuss Assignment #6 for portion #7.
  2. Finish the book this weekend. There is NO assignment for this final portion. We will discuss the ending of your books and create a series of theme statements on Monday.
  3. Corrections for your expository essay is due on Monday. TAG: Expository1 with an image (always)
  4. Marks are now CLOSED. What you see is what you get for term 1 unless I have made a mistake. See me if I have.

Wednesday- Read!

  1. Eva’s PechaKucha (Katie is on Thursday)
  2. Hand in your essays
  3. Read portion #5 of your novel. There is no set assignment for this portion. Tomorrow, you will discuss your novel through the feminist lens and write a group reflection. “In our novel, we see….”
  4. Schedule: Thursday– discuss and grammar/ Friday– read portion #6 and begin assignment/Tuesday– assignment due ( we are bumping the reading and assignments into a two day period now, not three)

Tuesday- In-class essay

Using only an outline, your story and a thesaurus, write your essay in class.

Be sure to format your quotes properly, include a works cited at the end of the essay.

Reminder of academic writing: present tense, no contractions, slang or colloquial language. 

When you are done, print the essay and give to me.