Monday- Quick Write + Chapter 6 review + chapter 7

  1. Quick write- What makes  a good leader?
  2. Misplaced Modifier quiz last 5 minutes of class
  3. Be sure your logophile is done correctly and in One Note so I can see it.
  4. Review chapter 6 and imagery of fear.
  5. Read chapter 7 if time.
  6. Reminder- test on Thursday for chapter 1-7. It will have questions on characterization, plot and symbols as well as questioning, imagery and quotes.

Wednesday- Review chapter 4 and your two questions

  1. Review chapter 4 (see questions posted on yesterdays blog)
  2. Your questions! Put in One Note. Be sure to answer with a “maybe….”. The questions are so deep, there is no exact answer!
  3. Research into your essential question. Here is the note sheet: Notes for Inquiry Project-. 
  4. You will be using 1-2 of these sources in your final persuasive essay so make them relevant. Here is one for you to consider: Brain Games.

Tuesday- Misplaced Modifiers and Chapter 4

  1. Do the second part of No Red Ink. If you are confident, try this one:
  2. Read the rest of chapter 4. (after I read most of it to you)  Use your stickies to record deep QUESTIONS that can be answered with a MAYBE.  Questions to DISCUSS only:
    1. What is the significance of the title “Painted Faces and Long Hair”?
    2. Why does Roger, throwing stones at the littleun’, aim just to miss?
    3. What is the stand that Ralph makes in front of Jack? How does this cement his leadership? How will this affect Jack and his behaviour?
    4. Piggy wants to create a sundial. What does this say about Piggy’s character? What does he symbolize?
    5. Why does Jack refuse to give Piggy meat? Who does give him meat despite Jack?
    6. What is the symbolic significance of Piggy’s glasses breaking?
  3. On Wednesday- choose TWO of your questions from your stickies. In One Note, under “Class Notes” write the questions and then answer with a “maybe”. Eg. Is the mask symbolic? And if so, what is the symbolism? A. Maybe it symbolizes the barrier between savagery and civilization. When they are wearing the mask, they can act differently, more savage. It gives them permission to be their true selves instead of putting on the mask that society has created for them (civilized British school boys).
  4. Please do a logophile for chapter 4.

Thursday and Friday- Chapter 3

  • Block A– you should only be at the presentations for 30-40 minutes!  Be back in class by 9:40 and I will read chapter 3 to you.
  • Also, don’t forget to take your “fear” photo and post on blog (TAG: Fear) for class Friday. Be ready to discuss. Be artsy and insightful 🙂
  • When we are done reading chapter 3 (11 pages), you will be asked to do the questions and the logophile for chapter 3. You will have most of the class on Friday to work on these assignments. Due on Tuesday- get it done in class so you have no homework this weekend 🙂
  • Friday- Misplaced Modifiers plus homework block (just do the first exercise for No Red Ink- don’t do the set)

Block D- 

  • “Fear photo”. Fear Photo-
  • Read chapter 3
  • Do questions and logophile for chapter 3. Due Tuesday.
  • Friday- homework block + Misplaced Modifiers


Wednesday- Grammar + Chapter 2 questions

  1. Misplaced modifiers on No Red Ink
  2. “Fear” photograph is due on Friday now due to the University visit. Please let me know if you are going AND you must check in with me for attendance at 9am. You will be required to read chapter 3 on your own for Friday morning.
  3. Work on chapter 2 questions and logophile
  4. Watch the movie up to the end of chapter 2.
  5. Maybe read part of chapter 3?